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Final opportunity (You can't tell anyone about this one)

This is the final opportunity I want to share with you as a thank you for enrolling onto CWI™ Virtual Event. This opportunity is close to my heart because it is a documentation of 30 years in the field of communication. It is not sold publicly anywhere. It's never even been offered to my own email list. What you are about to discover is worth RRP £300 (but priceless based on how long it will be a part of your life), however I want to give you a 3-figure saving. Read the page carefully before you order. This isn't a casual purchase. You can also skip this offer by clicking the relevant button further down the page. Like my other special offers, once you skip, you won't get this offer at this price ever again.

A Limited Number of Dr Ro's Master Manuals are Finally Available

This is the only place where you will find the intellectual property and secrets which have allowed Dr Ro go to on to wow audiences globally, raise millions for his businesses and generate 10's of millions in sales for the most respected organisations in the world. You now have the opportunity to get a hold of those secrets...

  • You no longer have to waste hours on 'google' and 'youtube' looking for communication 'top 10 lists'.
  • My 60,000 word Master Manual will become your go-to-guide for literally any scenario you face from now till the end of time.
  • There must be some truth to me being called crazy for making this available in the public space (so I only ever have a limited number of copies available).

The last time I made the master manual available a member of the audience stood up in-front of everyone and called me crazy for giving away my top secret intellectual property in my 60,000 word 'Communication Encyclopedia'.

I won't bull-sh*t you and tell you...

...that mastering communication is simple & easy. Nor will I sugar coat the amount of time it has taken me to discover the art & science of communication.

Malcom Gladwell identified that it takes 10,000 hours for a person to become a true master in a specific area of expertise. With this in mind, I have been working in the area of communication for over 30 years (that's probably 30,000 hours+). Malcom Gladwell hasn't written a book on someone committing that many hours yet.

Now, if you are reading this carefully, now is the right time to ask me the question:

'Dr Ro, so what you're saying is - It will take me at least 10,000 hours for me to figure this all out?'

Here is where you are in luck. You can learn how to communicate like me AND thankfully you don't have to wait 30 years, because I have documented every single communication component you need to use in my 60,000 word master manual.

By the way: This special page you are reading through is not available anywhere else. Once you click through to the next page (or close your screen) that's it. Gone.

So if you don't have the next 30 years to try and 'work out' how to wow, mesmerise and capture the attention of every person you speak to then keep reading (my master manual is definitely for you)...

...but three things I want you to realise first...

If you want to get my complete intellectual property, have at your fingertips every communication component you will ever need to get the results you want, save 30 years of trial and error and know what 99.99% of people don't...then my master manual can help you.

But before I tell you about it, it's important you realise these 3 things:

1. This is a 'Dr Ro Master Manual' which means it isn't for the casual reader hoping for some motivation or silver bullet answers (there is plenty of that floating about on the internet). It also means it isn't a story book. This is a hardcore manual of communication components which when used individually or in combination have powerful effects.

2. It's my most expensive written manual to date - which RRPs for £300 in limited batches. However because you are attending my virtual event I have a massive discount to give you. (I have had people hound my PA for the manual and offered to pay over the odds to get it...sadly that batch sold out immediately).

3. This is one of my special stand-alone products - which means even if you have access to CWI™ Online or attending CWI™ Virtual Event, my printed 60,000 word master manual is it's own resource powerhouse you can use on a daily basis.

So if you understand this isn't a silver bullet guide to make you 7 figures overnight (however many people I have taught have gone on to earn 7-figures plus), instead its a resource guide, encyclopedia and master manual all in one - which sits on your office shelf to be used daily, weekly or monthly - for life.

Yes! You will use this one single manual for life...

The contents of which can't be found in one place like this on G**gle, Faceb**ok, Y*uTube. In fact you could Ask Jeeves and even the online butler wouldn't be able to compile 30 years of my communication secrets in one single place.

And one important rule (for your own good)...

Do not lend this manual to anyone...

I wasn't joking when I said people have emailed my PA offering to pay above RRP for this book like we were running a property auction.

Actually, quite similar to a property auction once the house is sold. It's gone. The same applies for my master manual which is a 60,000 words, A4 bound, 300 page communication encyclopedia.

I only ever release a limited number of exclusive manuals at any one time. Once they're gone. There gone.

Right now I have only 30 on hand which will likely sell out within a couple of days because of this special one-time-offer I will share with you in a moment...

But before we get onto that let me tell you why you must not lend this manual to anyone...

People who told me they lent my Master Manual to their friends, business partners and even work colleagues have never had the manual back. Some even said 'they couldn't find it' (I mean come on, you can't exactly misplace a 300 page a4 ring bound manual).

Now I don't want to speculate as to if the manual 'really went missing' or they realised how powerful the components included in the manual are are.

What I do know for certain is...nobody can memorise all 60,000 words and use them at a drop of a hat in various situations. Instead you will reference the manual like your favourite cook book. Dip in and out of like you do with your favourite Netflix show (think Friends and The Office).

Which is why if you lend your manual to can see why it would be hard to give back!

So once you get the master manual at this special discount...tell no one about what you have...

It is for your information only...

You're the one who stepped-up and committed to mastering the skill of communication...

So let's share with you what only a couple of hundred people have sitting on their office shelves at home...

Communicating With Impact™ Master Manual

Often after training public speakers, sales speakers, business owners who want to promote their products online, parents who want to get through to their children in calm way, professionals who want to get their dream job...(the list goes on)...I always had the same question - 

*with a look of panic* 'Umm Dr Ro, how am I supposed to remember all this and use it to become the best of the best...or worse, what if I forget the tools & techniques you have shown me...' 

Now rewind a couple of years and I would typically say 'Don't worry, with practice you will master this!'...

But deep down I knew I had to support these go-getters, so I decided to put onto paper every single communication component I have used for the last 30 years to help me achieve the level of success I have in my own life. (But more importantly than that - the success I have observed in others after they learn just a handful of my communication components).

Now available to you...

The harsh reality which we all face...

Something else I don't talk about often, but important for us all to be aware of is...

How many incredible, knowledgeable, passionate, skilled humans within their field have sadly passed on without ever documenting the secrets to their success...

...and passing this down to the next generation of aspirational people. One of the things this manual will help you do is, communicate whats in your head & heart and share it with the world with impact, helping future generations learn what you found out the hard way....

The Master Manual which you have the opportunity to get at a special discount is my version of passing down my secrets to the next generation...

Let me give you the low down so you can start using this manual to enhance your communication...

Special one-time DISCOUNT offer only available on this page

Communicating With Impact™ | Master Manual

My master manual which has only ever been released at my first two CWI™ Live events which retailed at £2,500 comprises of 300 pages, 60,000 words and all 38 components of my Total Communication Mastery System which I have developed over 30 years speaking to audiences in the hundreds of thousands & during private one-to-one interventional coaching sessions.

This is not a workbook, short book or quick guide. This is a fully comprehensive manual which you can use as a point of reference now and decades from now.

Whenever you are about to enter any form of communication (personal or professional). Reference the manual. Whenever you are reflecting back on any form of communication. Reference the manual. Whenever you are in a conflict situation and want it resolved instantly. Reference the manual. Whenever you want to help your kids develop their communication skills. Reference the manual. 

By now you get the point of how this can be used in such a diverse range of situations...let's discover more about the manual...

  1. 1
    60,000 words: breaking each component down into exactly what you need to know and how to implement it.
  2. 2
    300 pages A4 bound:  meaning it doesn't become another digital download you never use! When I see you at future events, I want to see this manual in your hand looking like that worn out jumper you have had since your early 20's!
  3. 3
    No longer available on live events: or anywhere at that matter. This master manual is rarely available and often sells out before anyone is aware it was on offer. If I do have a limited batch to offer - it is at full RRP of £300. (You get a massive discount as a thank you).
Only 30 manuals are available in this next batch which I expect to be sold out before the next virtual event.
The first ever group to get their hands on the master manual
Keeping the master manual close at hand
Showing off their master manual to the world like millennials do

What others are saying about the Master Manual

I used one of the Sales techniques in my last meeting and closed a client who had been delaying committing for almost seven months.

"I have watched Dr Ro for many years and have always wanted to capture on paper how he delivers his message with such impact. This manual goes way beyond my expectations. The detail of some of the most subtle influencing techniques is crazy!

I used one of the Sales techniques in my last meeting and closed a client who had been delaying committing for almost seven months. I keep it close when preparing for all my meetings now."

Mr T. Jenkins
- Business Owner / Consultant

This manual is a life-line, a resource that you can keep revisiting again and again..."

"From start to end this manual is packed, and I mean packed with tools, techniques and methods for transforming any form of communication. For me, I wanted to up my game as a speaker. The game-changer for me was Component 18.

There are ten pages in this manual that transformed my speaking style. I had an awakening! I have been too one-sided and was not using all four speaking styles. If you are a speaker or training to be a public speaker, this manual is a life-line, a resource that you can keep revisiting again and again." 

Mrs S Felling
- Speaker/Trainer/Coach

His step-by-step, detailed approach is so easy to follow..."

"Although I have watched Dr Ro on many occasions and even spoken to him about his speaking style, I really wanted something that gave me a formula, a recipe that I can use in my work meetings and presentations. I never quite felt I could grab peoples attention and connect with them.

The Vocal Power techniques he takes you through in this manual are priceless. Not only did it help at work but also in social gatherings too. His step-by-step, detailed approach is so easy to follow. And the archetypes chapter on page 60 is amazing !"

Robert Dorking
- Senior Manager Electrical Engineering company

“Many speakers and specialists hold back this level of detail, sales techniques, the psychology of communication and how to influence others...Not Dr Ro...."

"In this Manual (which is an understatement) Dr Ro literally shares his intellectual property for anyone wanting to up-skill their communications massively. Many speakers and specialists hold back this level of detail, sales techniques, the psychology of communication and how to influence others.

Not Dr Ro. He has laid this manual out in such a way that you cannot fail to improve your skills, business, sales, relationships. It was worth every penny of the investment I made in this."

Mrs Laura Finkman
- Teacher, Consultant and mum

I have followed some of this step-by-strep and raised thousands of pounds in angel money..."

"If you invest in property and deal with Angel investors, builders, professional then look no further.  The systematic and detailed techniques shared in Dr Ro's manual are priceless. I have followed some of this step-by-strep and raised thousands of pounds in angel money.

I have also resolved issues with builders in a peaceful manner without conflict. And have now been asked to present my deals and business to small groups which I never dreamt I would have the confidence to do. This manual is a go-to resource, so don't miss out on it. Even my friends have asked to borrow it, but I am reluctant to let it go !!"

Mr R Patel
- Property investor and Business Owner

Get your master manual at 50% discount only on this page 

(you won't see this offer again)

Remember the only group to have this master manual sitting on their shelf paid £2,500 to receive it at an event. If someone was to purchase the Master Manual only, they would pay RRP £300.

...but to celebrate my first ever CWI™ Virtual Event I want to give those that are joining me the opportunity to get my master manual at 50% off...

Meaning you only pay £150+vat ...

However once you skip this page, the discount is gone forever.

Once you purchase, you will get a physical print copy of my master manual delivered to your address (please note this will be batch posted after the CWI™ Virtual Event to ensure your event experience is maintained).

Final reminder though...this isn't a story book to get you pumped. It is a reference manual for life.

There are strictly no refunds, guarantees and all purchases are final.

Once you have confirmed your purchase the order is processed automatically and added to your order summary.

If that's clear then grab this special one time offer now and add the master manual to your order.

Exclusive 60,000 word master manual containing every communication component I use to generate me millions of points in revenue.

Once you click the button above you are immediately charged £150+vat for your CWI™ Master Manual saving you 50%. Remember this will be posted out to you after the virtual event.

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Important information about your Master Manual Delivery:

This manual will be shipped and delivered to your address after the CWI™ Virtual Event. It will be delivered to your nominated address you included at checkout. The manual is available in physical print only. Not available as a digital download anywhere.

Here's a snapshot of what awaits you inside your master manual...

  • Every one of my communication secrets... that I have used over the last 30 years plus. For context, I have only ever taught these secrets to a handful of people. By getting the manual you will truly be in the know. Pages 0-300
  • Single use or multi use... like a cinema pick and mix you can select and use one communication component at a time or mix and match using multiple components in one interaction. (Please do let my office know the result of using multiple components at once - I have received incredible stories of people going from a 0% sales conversion to a 50% sales conversion by using multiple components from the manual). Pages 0-300
  • Get exactly want you want 100% of the using the most overlooked communication component by literally everyone. But if you nail it, you get what you want 100% of the time. Page 21.
  • Discover what even the professional speakers get wrong...having taught public speakers who went on to earn millions over their career (and are still doing so till this day), whenever they come back to me for private advice. They almost always get this part wrong. Page 25
  • 7 rules I use when grabbing someones attention and keeping it... if you've ever spoken to someone(s) and their eyes glaze over like a Krispy Kreme doughnut, then you may as well leave the room there and then. Or learn these 7 rules. Page 53

Let's take a quick break from whats in the manual... and just re-emphasise that this is not a feel good story book designed to get you excited. This manual will live on your shelf and be used and abused until the wheels fall off....

Now back to the master manual...

  • The best way to resolve conflicts that no one teaches... I take you back in time to access one of the greatest psychological minds in the 21st century and have adapted what he taught and applied it directly to conflict resolution. I wish they would teach this in schools, but I guess its unknown. Page 60.
  • Replace your monotone voice with a dynamic sexy voice that...helps you stand out from the crowd. By the way, using what I teach here doesn't mean you have to be like me. Instead unlock your true voice that's locked away. Page 65
  • The exact mathematical formula I use to tell my entire story in less than 60 seconds...which means your story can live in peoples hearts and minds for a very very long time. Page 87
  • Learn the difference between a teacher and a speaker...I want you to be the speaker (not the teacher) because the teacher makes no money, the speaker earns millions. Page 95
  • The one secret component people use the wrong way which makes them look like...  a phoney! I don't want you to make the same mistake and lose valuable relationships. I'll show you how to use this the right way. Page 115

Before you add this manual to your library of wonder...

An important message...

The Communicating With Impact™ Master Manual works because it includes secrets I have used for over 30 years in the field of communication.

The one variable here is - they picked up the manual, studied it and understood it could be used today and in 20 years time - its that universally applicable.

So based on that here's the deal. You can grab this extremely low priced special offer but do not buy it if my manual will end up gathering dust. I say this because this is a special thank you offer and...

There are strictly no refunds, guarantees and all purchases are final.

If that deal works for you then let me quickly summarise what you will get so you can get started whilst this special price is still available.

Remember you are getting 50% off for booking onto my virtual event. If you skip to your order summary you won't see this offer again. In fact you may not see this product again.

Communicating With Impact™ | Master Manual - 60,000 words & 300 pages of communication secrets at your finger tips.

A physical copy of the Master Manual will be posted to your nominated address. Note - there are no digital copies of this available anywhere.

You join only a handful of people who have this manual in their possession. It's rarely available publicly.

More of what you will learn from the Master Manual...

  • How I use this component to help people make big financial decisions, ethically... People are always looking for a 'trick' to get what they want out of people. If you are looking for that here you won't find it. However I can show you an ethical way to get the other person wanting to buy (idea, product, service) what you have to offer. Page 125.
  • I will save you thousands of pounds on NLP training you the 80/20 of NLP. Meaning you will lean 20% of NLP that gives you 80% of the results. (PS - you won't turn you into an NLP mechanical robot don't worry). Page 139
  • I debated whether or not to leave this in the manual or take it out... that is 'how to read someones mind'. This secret alone is worth £300 (you get 50% off). I won't say anymore on the subject. Let's put it this way, when you get the manual and use this component. Please just use it ethically. Page 154

I have only started describing some of what is the first 150 pages...there are another 150 pages full with...

Detailed breakdown of every component, how-to-guides, scripts, examples, personal shares, components most professional communicators are not aware of and so much more...

So if you understand the lifetime value of having this sitting in your office or study...

Know you are getting 50% off and that their are no refunds...

And that my master manual is not on sale anywhere in the public space...

Then grab 1 of only 30 Master Manuals available now!

Once you click the button above you are immediately charged £150+VAT for your CWI™ Master Manual saving you 50%. Remember this will be posted out to you after the virtual event.

By clicking above 'No thank you', you understand that you will lose this special offer
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Dr Ro

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Dr Ro as he is known by delegates of his programmes has over 30 years of speaking & coaching experience globally! He has spoken to audiences in over 20 countries and helped 100,000’s people in the process.

He fundamentally accredits his personal and financial success to his ability to Communicate With Impact. He is excited to unpackage 30 years of these tools with you within the Communicating With Impact™ Master Manual.

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