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You are seeing this special offer because you booked a seat at the upcoming CWI™ Virtual Event. As a thank you I want to equip you with some of my best tools at a special price, not available anywhere else. (Even my inner circle won't get this powerful product at this special price). Please take a moment to learn about my CWI™ Mini Series which will help you raise money for your property business. This normally is sold for £97+vat. You get it for a crazy discount. Keep reading, however if you don't want this special offer, you can skip this special offer by clicking the relevant button further down the page. Remember if you skip, this offer is gone.

You won't see this special formula anywhere else...

After almost 30 years in the game Dr Ro shares the secret to raising £100,000s thousands (even millions) for your property business

Raising money will no longer be a so-called numbers game for you...

  • Losing deals because you can't raise money is stopping you from buying properties. 
  • Financial independence is achievable if  you focus on this one key skill.
  • Over the years I have shared the exact formula I use personally with only close friends and business partners. They typically go and raise millions for their property business thanks to the same formula I will share with you.

Hi, I'm Rohan, I realised I had the exact formula to raising money when my friends & business partners started to tell me they were consistently raising hundreds of thousands of pounds in a short space of time. Some of them were completely brand new to property investing. 

I am fed up of hearing this phrase and you should be too...

One of the most common phrases I hear in the 30 years of educating audiences globally on the subject of Property Investing (or Real Estate for my international friends), is 'raising money for my business is just a numbers game'...'if I just get in front of enough people eventually one will say yes'.

Yeah sure that approach works if you have 50 years to build a portfolio, but... knowing what I know now... It is ludicrous.

Why is it ludicrous? Because you are leaving a serious amount of money on the table. This money is essential for the growth of your property business. 

If you want to learn how to pitch to less people but raise more money then keep reading.

This is important - Only if you want to raise more money in less time and take all the money that's available on the table. Then keep reading.

When I first discovered this I thought - wow! This really works, but I doubt it will work for other people, because I was a public speaker, invited to speak globally along side Robert Kiyosaki, Les Brown, Richard Branson (and some other presidential figures I won't name any more). So naturally I thought I naturally had a unique skillset. And only I could use this formula. However I was completely wrong as a couple of years later...

By the way: This special page you are reading through is not available anywhere else. Once you click through to the next page (or close your screen) that's it. Gone. Just like the last 10 people who said they would 'think about it' and then never called you back to give you money.

If you think that's tough love, I have been teaching property education for over 20 years and have seen highly talented people give up because they just couldn't raise money. I don't want this to happen to you...anyway...back to what I was saying...

...a couple of friends I had shared my discovery with told me they had raised over £100k in less than 24 hours...

I still wasn't convinced. I thought this is just a fluke. One of those random things that happens. Like the first time a stranger called me out of the blue in my second year of starting my property business and said

You just pitched my friend for money for your property business, he doesn't have the funds at the moment but he told me what you said and can I lend you the money instead?'

Now someone calling me up and asking me to take their money happens to me a-lot. But I knew this was real when it started happening to my close friends & business partners.

Time and time again close friends and (their friends) would come to me asking for this formula that was raising them truck loads of money for their business. And time and time again they would use what I told them (literally the very same day) and raise money.

By this point I was 100% certain that people can learn and apply this money raising formula...

Before I get into my money raising formula, you need to agree to this

I'll get into exactly the formula others are using to raise hundreds of thousands for their property business in a second, but it's important you agree to this first. Please repeat after me... 'I solemnly swear to...' (just joking).

In all seriousness though what you will learn only 0.001% of people know which means you need to keep it close to your chest and treat your skills the respect. They are powerful...

''With great power, comes great responsibility'' - Spider Man

I love this universal quote. Although you won't be saving the world like Spider Man. You will however possess the power to raise money like a Wall Street professional who's wearing a new suit and had their first espresso shot of the day.

What I am saying is I don't want you to abuse this new power (like those Wall Street types do). I am happy to share my secrets but only to those genuinely wanting to use this to build a business in an ethical way. Let me explain what I mean...

You will be in a scenario where the angel investor wants to give you even more money than you asked for - seriously, the amount of people who have messaged me saying, 'I asked for £50,000 but the investor is insisting I take £100,000 - what the hell do I do?', is mind boggling.

Another important situation I am seeing more and more...

Completely new investors who are still yet to do their first deal are using my formula and raising money. With zero experience. So be mindful that even as a brand new property investor you will be able to raise a lot of money.

Even if you have tried and been rejected half a dozen times. That will completely change once you learn my formula.

So make sure you are out there finding property deals because you will raise more money than ever before.

Ok you get the message.

What I will share with you is powerful.

And you have agreed to treat these new skills with respect and use them ethically (because I don't want them falling into the wrong hands).

Now let me share with you what only a very small group of people know...

How to raise money using my CWI™ money raising system...

When people come to me asking how to raise money, they expect me to give them some 'tip', 'hack', 'silver bullet solution'. They tell me that they have used their finance documents, case studies, past deal examples, numbers well presented, sexy graphs, colourful charts, super statistics and even offer to pay angel investors 10%+++. But none of this seems to work.

When I explain to them - don't worry, I won't be asking anyone to change the colour on their finance document, the font in the deal sheet, take better photographs of their past deals (and all the other recommended 'silver bullet' solutions out there). I can physically see their *sigh of relief*.

Instead we will work on something more foundational, something even simpler, something not taught by anyone anywhere...that is using Communication in a powerful and effective way to raise money.

'Communication is the new currency'

So instead of you wasting time printing out another 10 copies of your finance document in the colour green and black. I want you to work on the same thing I share with my close circle.

That is firstly, learning how to Communicate With Impact™ when it comes to raising money.

And secondly, step-by-step, applying exactly what I will teach you.

I will teach you my formula within just 1 hour and for the price of ordering a pizza for the family.

So you can watch it over a pizza and be ready to start raising money using your new skills asap. (Often people in my inner circle message me within 24 hours telling me they raising money using my CWI™ system).

Let me talk you through it so you can get started...

This is a ONE TIME special offer which isn't available anywhere

Communicating With Impact™ | Mini-Series | Raising Money for Your Property Business

Communicating With Impact™ Online Mini-Series - Raising Money for Your Property Business is an intensive 1 hour - 8 part video programme designed to transform your property business by equipping you with tools you need to communicate with power, effectiveness and impact, in order to raise more money.

You will discover, learn and be able to implement key components relevant to raising money, from my personal Total Communication Mastery System™. This fundamentally teaches you how to use the exact components for raising money, in which sequence to use them and how to apply the sequence time and time again to get consistent results.

This system like this is not taught anywhere and is as a result of 30 years communicating to people one-to-one, audiences small and in the hundreds of thousands. I have packaged this up for you so that you don’t have to wait 30 years to learn and experience the results of being able to Communicate With Impact within your property business.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enrol Today

You will immediately get lifetime access to my Communicating With Impact™ Online Mini Series - Raising money for your property business programme. You will even get full access to ALL 8 video parts instantly. By working through all 8 modules within this intensive programme you will be on your way to communication mastery.

INSTANT access to ALL 8 parts
Unlike online courses which hold parts back, you will get full access to all 8 parts so you can work through them at your own speed and see benefits instantly.

Life Time Access: Retake The Programme Again and Again, For FREE!
This series is practical and results orientated. So I want you to be able to retake the program again and again, for FREE! Every time you watch it again, you get even better at raising money.

I have been given permission by past Communicating With Impact delegates to share exactly how they used the programme and how it transformed their property businesses. So you can use these relatable examples and apply them to your business.

Don't take my word for it, here are others using the exact same system you will learn

“I increase the value of my property portfolio by over £200,000...”

“I was able to put my learning into practice and increase the value of my property portfolio by over £200,000. That is an incredible return on the investment for the training I paid for.”

- Property Investor

“Communicate with angels in the right way so they are wanting to give you the money..."

“Rohan was instrumental in guiding me in the speaking profession….knowing how to speak with estate agents, letting agents, communicate with angels in the right way so they are wanting to give you the money….don't hesitate this is an absolute no brainer.”

Mark Dalton
- Property Investor & Business Coach

“It has helped skyrocket our business and we have raised over a £1million pounds in the last 2 years…using these principles"

“I have learnt from him about the property business, it’s not just bricks and mortar, it’s a people business….therefore communication is key….subtle points in communication…tips…it has helped skyrocket our business and we have raised over a £1million pounds in the last 2 years…using these principles”

Cat Settle
- Propety Developer & Public Speaker

You will not see this programme at this price anywhere else

You are only seeing this special offer because you have trusted me in developing your skills and I want to share with you my most sought after programmes for a crazy low price as a thank you.

Once you skip this page you will never see this offer again and if you want to buy this programme in the future you will pay the full price.

RRP £97

Communicating With Impact™ | Mini-Series | Raising Money for Your Property Business


Once you click the button above you are immediately charged £19+vat for your CWI™ Mini-Series | Raising Money for Your Property Business and instantly lock in your 50% saving.

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This is not just something I passionately believe in...

“Improve the quality of your life...''

“Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life.”

Brian Tracy
- Motivational speaker

“Schools should teach communication..."

''I'd argue that schools should switch to teaching the four C’s; critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.''

Yuval Noah Harari
- Historian & Author
Dr Ro

Founder of Communicating With Impact™

About Dr Rohan Weerasinghe

You are in for one incredible programme. Dr Ro as he is known by delegates of his programmes has over 30 years of speaking & coaching experience globally! He has spoken to audiences in over 20 countries and helped 100,000’s people in the process.

He fundamentally accredits his personal and financial success to his ability to Communicate With Impact. He is excited to unpackage 30 years of these tools with you on the Communicating With Impact™ Money Raising Programme.

Now you know communication is the key to unlocking more money for your property business, let's have a look what's inside this programme:

  • Unbelievable return on time invested. This programme has 8 parts which you can fly through in less than an hour. That's less that an hour to learn the exact system and formula I use to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds. (I am not sure what that works out as a ROI on your time - but its bloody good).
  • Win 17 times over as I share with you seventeen other areas you can use these new skills meaning you can use what you learn here and apply it in other areas of your life - (Hint: some people I know are using this system and trying it in their workplace and are getting pay rises, good on them) Part 1. 
  • Discover a copy and paste 7 step process for raising money every time. So you can stop playing the 'numbers game' and start playing the 'raising money game'. Part 2
  • I'll share with you the 9 different types of people this works on so you can immediately cross anyone off your list who does not fall into these categories. Part 2
  • Use exactly this set of questions and scripts that are field tested (30 years field testing) that you can just use and save yourself 30 years on experiments that leave money on the table. Part 3
  • This isn't like sitting in a classroom getting a A, B or C grade, I won't be testing you. Instead I will show you exactly how to apply what you have learned by pulling up real life case studies (those in my inner circle tell me they often experience these same situations). Part 4

It would be hard not to raise money once you learn my system

  • I share two personal in depth case studies which I decode in front of your very eyes so if you ever end up in a similar situation you will know exactly what to do in order to secure the agreement. Part 5
  • For that rare time you slip up and forget an important step in the sequence. I will show you my 5 step do-review-improve so you can bounce back quickly and win back that angel investor. Part 6
  • Finally know the answers to the most common questions I get asked by property investors when they are raising money. You may be making these common mistakes and not know what question to ask. Part 7

I could go on, but I prefer you get started and start implementing what you will learn (it can be applied immediately)

This is an important message before you commit and start raising money.

The Communicating With Impact™ Money Raising Mini-Series works.

The one variable here is - they did the work and applied the system step by step.

So based on that here's the deal. You can grab this extremely low priced special offer but do not buy it if you will watch my programme and then do nothing. I say this because this is a special thank you offer and...

There are strictly no refunds, guarantees and all purchases are final.

So if that deal works for you then let me quickly summarise what you will get so you can get started whilst this special price is still available.

Remember you are seeing this special offer as a thank you. If you skip to your order summary you won't see this offer again.

  • My Trademarked Communicating With Impact™ System for Raising Money
  • Learn how to raise money without having to change your private finance document 
  • Stop leaving good angel money on the table by only playing the numbers game
  • Get the exact copy and paste step-by-step sequence me and my inner circle use to raise money
  • I'll even give you lifetime access to the programme so you can always use it as a reference guide

Communicating With Impact™ | Mini-Series | Raising Money for Your Property Business


Once you click the button above you are immediately charged £19+vat for your CWI™ Mini-Series | Raising Money for Your Property Business and instantly lock in your 50% saving.

By clicking above 'No thank you', you understand that you will lose this special offer
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an online course and how do I get access to it?

Yes this is an online programme. To get access to it and this special offer simple click the buy now button and it will be automatically be added to your order summary. From there you will get a welcome email and where to log in to watch your online video programme.

I am new to property investing, will this work for me?

Yes. I warned you above that this works for new investors raising money. The warning above was to let you know - 'hey you are going to raise more money that you will know what to do with'.

Why is there no refund?

Because this is a special one time offer and I know it works. It only doesn't work if you don't put the work in so I don't want to be having the debate with people about - 'did you follow the steps exactly?'. If the lack of refund is a problem then please don't buy this programme and skip to your order summary. The trade off is - a massive discount on the price people have to pay in the public.

I have done property training, why is this not taught anywhere else?

Because everyone knows the 'how-to' of property and there are some incredible trainers in this space. Many of them are my close friends (and many of them I trained many moons ago). However this goes deeper than property. I will show you something 99% of people can't teach because they actually don't know what the secrets are in the first place. So I guess you will be setting yourself apart from all the regular property investors out there. 

If I don't buy this now and want to buy it in the future is that possible?

Not at this price no. -impossible. You may be able to buy it through my website but I am still unsure I want this product live in the market for too long. It will get to a point where I personally start getting messages of people who don't know what to do with all the money they have raised (this happens from time to time and I just pull the product to ease these kind of questions that fill my inbox). But remember only buy it if you know this will help your business. There are no refunds.

So if there are no more questions and you are ready to add this incredible 1 hour money raising system into your schedule to be gobbled up, watched in detail and applied to your own angels then buy now.

Once you click 'yes, I want to grab this money raising special now!' you are immediately charged £19+vat for your CWI™ Mini-Series | Raising Money for Your Property Business and instantly lock in your 50% saving. By clicking above 'No thank you', you understand that you will lose this special offer and will be taken to order summary. There is no way to click back and get the discount.

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