Presentation Tips After 30 Years of Public Speaking

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Having been in front of audiences for 30 years now, off and on one of the questions I get from people that are wanting to be speakers or are going to be giving a presentation, or even a talk at a wedding. 

Business presentation, if people are wanting to have private coaching on this or for those of you that might be coming through to our Communicating with Impact event, which is happening again you will be pleased to know this year in April.

We’ve got the first one of the year happening after a lot of questions from people I just had a WhatsApp message saying, are you running one of your CWI events and the answer is, we finally decided to do another one in April which is exciting.

One of the subject areas that comes up is when I’m speaking and communicating with impact isn’t just about presenting to a large audience it could be one-to-one. It could be a business meeting, could be that you’re going to see the bank manager to raise some funds for those of you that are entrepreneurs, investors, etcetera. It might be that you’re talking at a charity event or a parents evening, whatever. 

What are some of the things that you need to do?

I’m here and fairly relaxed at the moment, I’ve just driven up. 

What are three or four key tips that I think anyone watching should be thinking about, if you’ve got any form of presentation coming up in the next few days or the next week?

I’ve brought a few things I do with terms of preparation. But if you said to me what’s one of the mistakes people make as speakers or as somebody that is presenting? They tend to put a huge amount of emphasis on the presentation, whereas for me I actually think what’s important is the preparation because if you get the preparation correct, the presentation actually becomes amazing. 

So when I hear people say, “I’ve got an event on speaking next week I’m going to throw some slides together or throw some notes together on paper.” My experience is what you get is an average to below average talk or presentation. It doesn’t feel prepared, it doesn’t feel articulated well, there’s no clarity to the message and certainly no impact. 

Communicating with impact is singularly one of the most important things for anyone delivering to an audience and that includes here on a camera in front of however many people end up eventually watching this video. So, social media, for example, is a massive subject area. That’s why we’ve also included that in the Communicating with Impact program I run because, when I did my first one we didn’t do that and what we discovered was people saying, “This is a great tool but how do I get the message out through a camera? How do I get the message out literally through my hand to thousands people watching me out there?”

That’s another thing I’ve now incorporated into that particular program. So I’ve got three days ahead of me, and when I come to the event I am very specific about what I do. As in I’m at the hotel here right now I unpack my gear, I always get here earlier than I need to get here and I get everything laid out. Clothes, shoes, suit, all the stuff that you do not want to arrive at your presentation and think, especially if you’re driving, “where’s my jacket? Where’s my blouse? What am I going to wear? I’ve just come up with some pretty scraggy shoes. I just came from the site and I just put the shoes for my presentation somewhere else.”

Everything has to be prepped because the more prepped you are, less stress on you when you end up going out to do the talk that you’re doing.

That is a massive tip by the way, don’t underestimate that.

The other thing I do personally is there are key things like, I know it sounds silly but I use a headset. That’s something you’ll hear me talk about more if you come join me on the communication event because there are different types of headsets. And as much as yes I could leave in its case and tomorrow when I get up, get ready I get it all out, but I just want to make sure it’s good. It’s unravelled and it’s just simple, there’s just a methodology. I wake up in the morning I go through the normal cleaning process, shower, brush teeth, etcetera get dressed.

This goes on at a specific time people laugh about me on things like this, but I tell you if you systemise things it become so much easier, which means it allows your brain to go into the talk you’re giving, presentation you’re giving. Assuming you are using a microphone.

Next thing is this the presenter’s wand or, as we know it a clicker, this is the Logitech clicker. Does it work? Is it charged? Imagine I get there tomorrow got my audience in front of me and I go, “Excuse me for a minute,” and I go to plug it in and charge it. 

So simple exercise really all I do is I get my lead and I plug it in and now what happens is when I get up tomorrow I don’t have to think about that. It’s already there. It’s plugged in, and it’s good to go. That’s another thing, the clicker is a really important one for me and I have a backup clicker as well because I made that mistake many years ago.

The other big one of course is the laptop. Now those of you that joined me at CWI, the communications event, you’re going to see very few slides because that is such an intense experience. We get people actually doing live the exercises around the 38 components that I teach and so I pull the key components into the weekend. I say this is what we are going to be covering and I get you doing stuff, as opposed to following a set of slides.

Whereas this weekend I’m teaching on real estate, it’s going to involve spreadsheets, examples of deals. Having been around and it’s been rebranded recently, but I’ve been around Asset Academy now for 15,16,17 years and teaching it. What I’ve discovered is as much I can talk all day long on real estate, to show a deal, to have the numbers stacked up and have the slides set up in a specific way. I’ll probably spend the next two to three hours minimum just making some tweaks to the core slides that’s tonight, I’ll probably be doing the same thing tomorrow night. And then the same thing Saturday night maybe not as long on Saturday night because my slide deck for Sunday is very structured around business for example. I’m doing a lot of business in the morning, but the first two days I’ll look at my audience. 

I’ve got to gauge my audience and adjust my presentation around my audience. 

Imagine if I’m in front of an audience like this and all these things come into play. If I’m at an event I check things like that. I’ll check the chair, is it wobbling? I went to an event not so long ago where we had a high stool in front of the audience but when you got on it, it went, so anything like that I’m thinking about.

My laptop is it working? Is it functioning? I’d normally do a test on the project as well to make sure that’s good. So if you’re not using laptops and you’re not using microphones and you don’t need clickers, that’s fine, but do think about what you do need. And in the 38 components that I teach on my mastery system, the CWI system there are three key elements, there’s you, them and there’s the environment.

Now inside those three categories there are these 30 elements of which one of them is equipment. So equipment, do you need equipment for the presentation? I’ll be going through that. 

The other thing I want do tonight is I need to plan for anything that I anticipate may come up tomorrow. Any changes that have happened in the market, so whenever you go to a meeting you might have a set of slides or presentation that you’ve got all set together in your head, and you know this is what you’re going to present. But if there’s any changes in the subject matter that you’re teaching or there has been some news that can impact what you’re saying, it is really important you’re prepared for that. 

Obviously with things like real estate that can include an announcement from the government about buy to let landlords. It could be an announcement on mortgage rates. It could be to do with interest rates. I’m here representing Asset Academy there’s been a big change just recently where that branding has changed from a different company branding. So I also appreciate that going into my audience there’s going to be a bit of anticipation, sometimes people don’t understand that. 

They see change as a negative thing but it’s a really positive thing that’s happened recently it allowed us to have much control and it is an amazing journey. And all the speakers and trainers associated with it are excited, because it gives us an opportunity to steer this forward and do something amazing. So from my perspective I see it in a really positive way, but of course if you’re coming to an event or you’re going to buy a car, or you’re going to a new school, taking the kids to school and name of the school has changed, or there has been a change of management. Or the headmasters changed, or you read something in the news. I drive a Tesla for example, it’s really fascinating that I drive this Tesla, I’ve done 50, 60,000 miles on it. There is more of them now than I’ve ever seen before and yet, anything that comes out remotely from Elon musk, and it’s not positive, all I get is “You drive Tesla, yeah I heard about Elon.”

Like the car is suddenly going to malfunction because of an announcement that Elon Musk made or something that happened that was silly, for example just recently, you may see that he made this launch of this incredible truck like vehicle and it’s an electric vehicle which is almost like a tank. It was supposed to be designed in such a way that you can throw stones at it and stuff like that and he did a test live on stage where he had somebody throw a stone at the window showing that it actually resists impact. 

Unfortunately, the window shattered and it didn’t go through so it was actually strong but it just cracked. And apparently their share prices dipped before they came back up. People were saying to me afterwards, “oh my gosh, how do you feel about what happened with the incident on the stage?” I’m like well what’s that got to do with my vehicle, but people’s mindset is they associate certain things with certain circumstances that happen out in the market.

For example tonight I’ll put some notes together to address that to my audience tomorrow and say you might have heard about some changes, you might have heard some negative things. Family members or friends may have said this to you but be aware this is the change and this is what’s really positive and let people understand the circumstances.

It’s the same for any presentation you’re giving if you’re talking on behalf of a company that you work for and there has been an announcement in that company and you’re going to pitch yourself to a client, make sure you’re up-to-date on that and have some evidence or explanation, so they understand. 

Because often most of the time when there’s something happening out there that is negative and you’re going to pitch your idea, your business, your concept to somebody you want them to buy into your service or to support you, or to fund you. If you don’t have an answer. An honest answer for what that circumstance is or what happened, they’re going to go well I don’t trust you, or I’m not sure I’m going to invest in your business.

So for me preparation is really important and I don’t have any concerns about that, I’ve been doing it for a long-time and change happens all the time. This rebrand to me is amazing, but equally I might walk into the room in a months’ time and interest rates have gone up by .25%, and I’m doing a property event, audience come in and now they’re not worried about the new brand called Asset Academy or whatever it is, we understand that’s a new brand. Now they’re worried about interest rate changes, “oh my gosh what about interest rates, what do you think Dr Ro, we are really nervous.”

That’s natural for newbies and inexperienced people who are sitting in an audience and they don’t know the subject. You’ve got to think whenever you’re presenting to an audience or a one-to-one person, if you’re watching this and you’re a network marketer for example, same thing. So I say to the audience, interest rates have gone up but guess what? I have a feeling the reason they are doing that is because that’s the preparation for the next recession, because during a recession they typically will bring interest rates down. If interest rates are too low at the moment there’s nowhere to take them.

In my mind I’m looking at what the banks are doing, they’re fixing rates for long period into the future very low, so rate increase at the moment doesn’t worry me too much because my gut tells me it’s kind of building a buffer to be able to bring it back down. And again of course that ties in where fixed-rate mortgages are at the moment, loan for five years out.

It’s about understanding how to position it. If you’re a network marketer and you’re watching this and there’s been an announcement about network marketing. Or somebody’s read something negative about network marketing, then bring to the table explanation, a preparation about why your business is different to this type of business. It used to be pyramid selling. Pyramid selling is basically where people would take money in with no product to sell. “You get enough people in they will give you money and then some money gets paid out. What’s the product? Don’t worry about the product. There’s no product just get their money.”

That is a typical classic pyramid system it is almost like a Ponzi. Whereas network marketing for example, actually has a product. You buy the product you sell the production, if enough people in your network do the same thing there’s a small percentage that comes to you. That is a genuine business model, so it’s knowing how to present it and explain that and anticipating what your viewer, your person that you’re having a meeting with is likely to feel.

If you’re concerned they might have some nerves best thing to do is address those right up front and I think that’s probably my last message here in this live message to all of you is that, any meeting you have in the future with anybody whether you’re raising money for your business. Whether you are trying to get your ideas across. Trying to win a new customer on board, presenting your idea to a charity, think about their concerns about the fears and address them in your preparation and do it early in the presentation. 

Because if you leave that fear bit until the end of the presentation all the way through they’re kind of listening to you, but they’re thinking about the issue in their head. Whereas if you tackle it upfront in other words you take the elephant out the room and say, this is the situation as I see it and this is the explanation. “Okay that’s what you were saying, that makes sense. I like your product; I like your service. I like what you’re offering me, I like the education.” 

Whatever it is. 

So be fearless, be honest, be authentic and the people that like you people, the people that relate to you, people that like your service your business, whatever you’re offering they’ll be the right people for you. And if they’re not the right people they are probably in the wrong headspace and you don’t want them around you anyway, and certainly they’re not in a place to move on and grow themselves. It might be that they need to go through their own personal development before they get to a space where they are  ready to work with you. 

Okay, I’ve talked a lot, I better get off and start practising for my talk tomorrow and practice what I’m preaching which is preparation.

Dr Ro signing out.

Hopefully that is useful for those of you wondering about the Communicating with Impact event I will get you the dates very shortly. We are officially going live with the promotion on that next week so keep an eye out for that. I’m very excited we found the venue outside of London, which has allowed me to bring the price right down on the event compared to how we ran it last year.

It’s super exciting.

There might be I don’t know we could get a link on here afterwards once we’ve got the operation.


Have a great day, see you soon.

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