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Learn to be able to raise money like a pro within 1 hour...even if you are nervous, never raised money before or have hit a ceiling on what you can raise.

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Communicating With Impact™ | Mini-Series | Raising Money for Your Property Business

Communicating With Impact™ Online Mini-Series - Raising Money for Your Property Business is an intensive 1 hour - 8 part video programme designed to transform your property business by equipping you with tools you need to communicate with power, effectiveness and impact, in order to raise more money. You will discover, learn and be able to implement key components relevant to raising money, from my personal Total Communication Mastery System™. This fundamentally teaches you how to use the exact components for raising money, in which sequence to use them and how to apply the sequence time and time again to get consistent results. This system like this is not taught anywhere and is as a result of 30 years communicating to people one-to-one, audiences small and in the hundreds of thousands. I have packaged this up for you so that you don’t have to wait 30 years to learn and experience the results of being able to Communicate With Impact within your property business.

Start raising money like a PRO NOW

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enrol Today

You will immediately get lifetime access to my Communicating With Impact™ Online Mini Series - Raising money for your property business programme. You will even get full access to ALL 8 video parts instantly. By working through all 8 modules within this intensive programme you will be on your way to communication mastery.

INSTANT access to ALL 8 parts

Unlike online courses which hold parts back, you will get full access to all 8 parts so you can work through them at your own speed and see benefits asap.

Practical STEP-BY-STEP process and SCRIPTS that work

Within this series, I will show you the exact formula to use and give you scripts for reference, saving you time on trial and error and ensuring you get results QUICK!

Life Time Access: Retake The Programme Again and Again, For FREE!

This series is practical and results orientated. So I want you to be able to retake the program again and again, for FREE! Every time you watch it again, you get even better at raising money.


I have been given permission by past Communicating With Impact delegates to share exactly how they used the programme and how it transformed their property businesses. So you can use these relatable examples and apply them to your business.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

It is always great when you can see how other people have used Communicating With Impact in their life and seen incredible results that are personal to them.

Nasiche McKenzie

Property Investor

Incredible return on investment

“So I have to say that after just 1 day of training with Dr Ro on this weekend, I was able to put my learning into practice and increase the value of my property portfolio by over £200,000. That is an incredible return on the investment for the training I paid for.”

Geena Sudra

Business Owner

Fool-proof way to control your nerves

“Dr Ro draws on his 30 years of incredible experience to give you a fool-proof way to control your nerves, get very clear on what you want to say, give structure to what you’re gonna say and actually help communicate with impact.”

Dom Ioanna

Business owner & Web Developer

It has changed my world

“Honestly, if you ever see that event pop up in your feed…or you meet Dr Ro and he is saying “Hey, you got to come to this amazing training!”, just grab it with both hands, you will not regret it. It has changed my world.”

What you will learn in this course

Here’s a big picture view of what you will learn in each part! Remember each part will be either theory, application, step-by-step actions for you to do, scripts for you to copy and real-life case studies of people who have learned Communicating With Impact™ and taken action.


Part 1

In this part, the focus will be on - bringing you up to speed and introduce you to Dr Ro’s Total Communication Mastery System and show you 17 additional areas in your personal & professional life, that you can start communicating with impact now. Meaning you start this specialised mini-series with a solid foundation and an awareness of the big picture application.


Part 2

In this part, the focus will be on - getting a laser-focused outcome for the series, discovering the 7-step process to raising money, understand the key money-raising components from the overall system, the five best ways to raise money using CWI and the 9+ groups of people to use your new skills on. Meaning you have the exact step-by-step sequence to raise money plus exactly who to approach in order to implement this sequence.


Part 3

In this part, the focus will be on - learning the exact ‘CWI Component Sequence’ to raise money every time, discovering the set of questions and scripts needed within each component and deep diving 8 key components within the sequence. Meaning you have a go-to money raising model that you can use time and time again, if you are ever stuck you can refer to Dr Ro’s scripts and are ready for any curveball that is thrown at you including handling rejection.


Part 4

In this part, the focus will be on - application, application, application. Using what you have learned so far and applying it to a common money raising scenario, breaking down the scenario into 8 distinct parts and decoding those parts. Meaning you have the ability to now apply theory to practice and always be one step ahead of anyone you are raising money from…some call this mind-reading.


Part 5

In this part, the focus will be on - two in depth unique case studies which Dr Ro has used to raise millions personally and helped others do the same, understand how to turn theory, practice into application by using these powerful real-life case studies. Meaning you have unique examples in your mind on how to successfully raise money using a model you can use again and again.


Part 6

In this part, the focus will be on - knowing exactly how to take everything you have learned and put it into action, understand how to analyse your results in order to improve and use Dr Ro’s 5 steps to do-review-improve. Meaning you leave with the confidence to take serious action to raise money for your property business and can use the CWI system in order to ‘sharpen your axe’.


Part 7

In this part, the focus will be on - having your most common questions answered by Dr Ro. Where he has now taught thousands on the art and science of raising money for their property businesses, there are always common questions that appear that you will discover the answer to. Meaning you will now operate in the 1% of property investing money raisers.


Part 8

In this part, the focus will be on - discovering how to reach Communicating With Impact™ mastery in order to not only benefit from raising money for your property business, but also start to improve the additional 17 areas of life that Communication Mastery completely transforms. Understand the 5 key steps to master communication that anyone who wants to develop their skills can take. Continue your journey by unlocking 5 resources which allow you to truly acquire the currency of communication.


When you enrol today, you get access to an exclusive BONUS! I wanted to make this a no brainer for you by giving you access to the exact slides I use in this Communicating With Impact™ Online Mini Series!

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PDF Download of ALL slides from ALL EIGHT modules

Normally I would not give my personal slides away like this, but I really want you to focus on committing to CWI and taking action on what you learn. Therefore you will share these with you as a bonus today. Think of these as your Communicating With Impact™ money raising flashcards!

About The Programme Teacher,
Dr Rohan Weerasinghe

You are in for one incredible programme. Dr Ro as he is known by delegates of his programmes has over 30 years of speaking & coaching experience globally!  He has spoken to audiences in over 20 countries and helped 100,000’s people in the process.

As a speaker, he has generated millions in revenue (and can show you how to do the same) by talking on the subjects of Communication Mastery, Life Mastery and Wealth Education. All whilst using his communication skills to raise money for well-known charities.

Finally, he has used his communication skills to author an Amazon best-selling book - ‘Turning Point’ and co-host the highly popular ‘The Seekardo Show’.

He fundamentally accredits his personal and financial success to his ability to Communicate With Impact. He is excited to unpackage 30 years of these tools with you on the Communicating With Impact™ Online Programme.

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

Corey Donoghue

Professional Coach

“The things I learnt from Ro over the years have hugely helped me…how to speak to multiple groups of people, 5-10,000 or 1 to 2 people…if you have the opportunity to work with him, grab it and sprint.”

Mark Dalton

Property Investor & Business Coach

“Rohan was instrumental in guiding me in the speaking profession….knowing how to speak with estate agents, letting agents, communicate with angels in the right way so they are wanting to give you the money….this is a one-off event, he has not done it in the last 15 years….don't hesitate this is an absolute no brainer.”

Sean Thompson

Property Investor & Public Speaker

“Ro has taught me many strategies, techniques and tactics…how to speak well with confidence and impact. How to control an audience and get the desired outcome. How to build rapport very quickly. He will show you ways to improve your results very quickly.”

How much has not being able to Communicate With Impact within your property business cost you?

Learning how to communicate effectively is different from ‘learning skills for a new job’ ‘real estate’, ‘trading the stock market’, ‘starting on an online business’. Communication is even more critical to your financial success

Whilst most people are looking at ‘classic wealth creation strategies’ and what they ‘could make’. They are losing out financially every day because they don’t have this fundamental skill, which interestingly enough makes you even better in your career, at real estate, trading and online business.

By Communicating With Impact™ you will have the ability to increase your confidence, increase your business turnover, increase your income, raise more money for your property business, secure more property deals, increase the size of your rental portfolio and so much more…

So I can’t answer this question for your specific property business… but if you could improve in any of those areas, how much additional income would it bring in a month? A year? Now imagine mastering what you are about to learn over 10 years...how much do you now earn over 10 years from your property business? A £5,000/m rental income? A large mixed portfolio generating £10,000/m rental income? Closing a development deal worth £1millions. This is all possible...

The tools of communication will no longer remain a secret to you. I share with you the exact tools you need from my Total Communication Mastery System™ to yield you incredible results. Not knowing these tools is costing you too much!


Communicating With Impact™ Online Mini Series : Raising Money for your Property Business



  • Lock In discounted price: £50
  • Live Time Access
  • Access to All 8 Parts Instantly
  • Access to PDF Bonus

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 14-Days

All you have to do is show me you did the work and you saw no benefits.

Let me explain, I have taught hundreds of people the tools you are about to learn. The important thing here is they committed and took action to learn this. As a result, I get hundreds of messages (some of which you can see on this page) of people explaining to me how Communicating With Impact™ changed their life.

Now don’t get me wrong, I sometimes get some angry and annoyed individuals! They just can’t believe why no one had taught them these powerful tools before. And even more annoyed at why they never learned how to communicate in school or through company training programmes.

That is partly why I had to turn what I knew into a programme you could use. That’s the key here. Use it! Practice it! Master it! If it then does not work for you...you have my 100% satisfaction guarantee for 14-Days. You simply contact my support team and show us you did the work by completing a worksheet and we’ll issue you a prompt FULL refund.

Don’t wait to get started! Look at what past students have to say about Communicating With Impact™

Having taught thousands of people over the years, I get countless personal messages on how they were so glad they made the right decision to spend time and learn Communicating WIth Impact™.

Cat Settle

Propety Developer & Public Speaker

“I have learnt from him about the property business, it’s not just bricks and mortar, it’s a people business….therefore communication is key….subtle points in communication…tips…it has helped skyrocket our business and we have raised over a £1million pounds in the last 2 years…using these principles”

Suneta Bagri

Public Speaker & Community Leader

“We’ve been learning about how to really connect with your audience, so it could be from being quite commanding to vulnerable. And also, how to connect with different types of people.”

Tom Scarth

Property Investor

“Learning to completely engage with people at a deep, extreme, emotional level is the most powerful thing I have ever seen. It’s a tool that can be in my kit box for the rest of my life.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch all the videos in sequence without having to wait?

Yes absolutely, you get INSTANT access to ALL 8 parts. Plus I will be sharing with you a bonus - my slides which you can use as CWI Money Raising FlashCards for quick reference.

I sometimes lack confidence or get nervous when speaking to people, will this programme help me?

Yes - because often we lack confidence and get nervous because we do not have the tools to a. Communicate with ourselves b. Communicate with others c. Manage the environment in which we communicate. I share with you all those tools in an easy step-by-step process with examples so you can communicate with confidence amazingly. Get the tools!

How do I get access to the programme?

Once you enrol (don’t forget the bonus you get for enrolling today) you will get a welcome email. Use your new username and password that you would have created to access your online programme. This will give you private secure access to your online programme.

What happens if I need to pause, rewind or come back and re-sit the programme?

You can stop your programme at any time and pick up where you left off. Your progress is saved! If you want to refresh yourself on anything you have learned - I want to give you LIFETIME access, I know there will be parts of the CWI money raising sequence, scripts, questions and more that you will want to revisit, try, practice and master. Lot’s of people re-watch the course multiple times! Any great student does! 

I am new to property, will this programme help me?

Yes - the very fact that you are seeing this now and have an opportunity to learn these skills at the start of your investing journey means you will potentially keep deals you may have lost, raise money you may have may lost and even build your portfolio quicker. In simple terms you don't have to make the mistakes I made all those years ago and people who don't have these tools make every day.


Communicating With Impact™ Online Mini Series: Raising Money for your Property Business



  • Lock In discounted price: £50
  • Lifetime Access
  • Access to All 8 Parts Instantly
  • Access to PDF Bonus

A personal note

I encourage you to take this opportunity to learn how to communicate. I truly believe as the world around us evolves through technology, globalisation and changes in the job market - ‘Communication is the new currency’. Relationships will thank it, companies will beg for it, your children will wish you had it and society as a whole needs it. The time of being mesmerised by movie stars, leaders, influencers and heads of organisations - is over! So regardless of what you want to communicate better in and for - it starts with learning how to do it once and for all...as a result, your relationship, finances, career, business and day-to-day life will never look the same again.

Kind Regards,

Dr Rohan Weerasinghe



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