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Quick tips if you’ve stepped back from you New Year’s goals

We are roughly halfway into January 2021 and I just want to tackle the subject head on quickly. 

We all know that at the start of the year, particularly this year as we came out the back end of 2020 everyone was like, yeah the first we’re going to be cracking on with this whole year. 

Everyone had this hallucination that because it’s a New Year Covid would disappear and the past would go. A lot of people woke up the next day like it’s still the same day. We make these calendars, as a human being we created these calendars. 

We choose when we start which day et cetera the point I want to make is that, irrespective of whether we’re still in the middle of a pandemic or not it’s still a pattern that happens as human beings in the first 15, 18, 20 days of the year. 

The commitment to what they’re doing tends to drop to die off and it dissipates by the end of January most people’s New Year’s resolutions have gone out the window and I’m not here to beat anybody up actually because it’s happened to me as well as it’s more about checking in. I’ve got five things I want to share with you

First of all what did you set out to do this year and specific things how many of them were there? 

In a lot of cases people go I’m going to do this and that and actually they take on too many things, get frustrated because they don’t get any of them done. That’s not going to work, so you have to narrow down that is a consideration as well. It might be you’ve taken on too many things already and then ask a question. Are you committed? Am I committed to these things I’m doing? If you’re feeling like you’re a 10 on the first and now down to a six and seven, are you committed to it? 

That’s important. 

Have a look at these things you’ve got in front of you that you’re saying you’ll do this year. Don’t get to the place where you say, I didn’t want to do it and then it consumes time over the next two or three months because you feel you have to do it because of an obligation. We do things because we feel we have to do things, we feel some sense of obligation to do it because we’ve set ourselves a goal to do it.

That’s not necessarily always needed, meaning you’ve got to let go of that emotion. Don’t get attached to something because of an obligation and I put my hand up again as I’ve fallen into that trap in the past and afterwards regretted it.


So what are you committed to and what are you aware of that maybe you’re committed for the wrong reasons? The second one is what distractions of right now around me that are starting to stop me getting things done? In other words, on a daily basis what are you noticing about the current routine that is distracting you? Even for me at the moment our house is slowly picking up the pieces of where we were before Christmas and that can be a distraction. 

I want to spend more time with kids as well. We’ve got to find a balance so look around at the immediate distractions that you’ve got some control over, limit, reduce, compartmentalise, or completely remove. 

Thirdly, looking ahead to the next two to three months what could be possible obstacles that could stop you achieving that goal or those goals? 

Often what happens is we deal with the stuff around us and then we’re head down doing and it hits us and we could have predicted it. We could have at least anticipated certain things. Things like Covid last year, none of us would have planned for that. Look at the practical things within your sphere of influence, the steps you need to go through, is there anything specific that might be a block? 

If you anticipate it now, at least you’re on top of it. Example we are doing CWI virtual. In the process we’re looking at technology, the interactive we created a what if, what if scenario. 

Everything we need to sort out now before the event and that will be the things you have to prepare for, so what could be potential obstacles and then what’s your plan? Are you sticking to it? Are there any variations, do you need to tweak anything? Is it a realistic plan? Have you put too much pressure on yourself? All these things can be issues with the actual manifesting your goals or commitment so check in with your plan and with that plan finally who needs to be involved? Who could be motivated to kick you up the bum? 

If you want to genuinely take your product or service your business out into the marketplace communication 100% is the thing to focus on. 

So one of the people you might want to have on your power team for the first part of the year is me, coming through CWI with you so that you’ve got that tool in place. But you might need someone to be accountable, a coach, maybe a good friend. But who are the people that can keep you on your narrow type focus and nudge you when you go off track? That is also important as well. 

Five things, all I wanted to say, checking in, make sure you keep going. Don’t let go of those aspirations just because of a few minor hiccups that’s going to happen.

I’ll see you on my next live.

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