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Quick tips to filter out the distractions

I think we’ve got a lot going on at the moment in the world where people are coming out of lockdown situations, certainly in the United Kingdom at the same time there’s information coming out left, right and centre. 

Conversations are happening and I’m hearing people having conversations with family members, with friends, people are overhearing conversations. 

There’s information coming through the media, through pretty much everywhere from phones to computers through Facebook, et cetera. 

It’s very hard if you started this year with a sense of purpose and you wanted to get focused on things and all of a sudden there are all these distractions, you may have felt like I’m meandering a little bit, I’ve lost what I had at the beginning of the year. 

If you think of yourself as a river, tributaries that can shoot off left, right and centre. 

You could easily find yourself drawn into different conversations, different places and be distracted from getting the results you want to get, so not everybody feels like this but I think a lot of people get to a point of overwhelm where they’re just not quite sure what to do next. Main thing is this on a day-to-day basis. 

I think it’s really important to go back to what your primary focuses are, or focus is and what are the goals you set for yourself, your personal life and professional, health, relationships. 

All those things and simply decide what your beliefs are about those areas. 

Decide what your values are. You don’t need to do that on a daily basis but you certainly need to do it to be able to set your compass. 

A lot of the stuff happening at the moment is challenging people’s moral compass. You might go to social gatherings now and hear multiple conversations happening around us and we either shrink away from them or we get involved but then they can distract us. 

Decide on who you are, what you believe in and what at the moment is important to you. Because when this much is coming at us if we have no filter will absorb and listen to and have opinions on pretty much anything that comes to us. 

The first thing is, and I do this a lot, is what is important to me right now, decide on what areas you want to put your energy on and then decide what conversations you don’t want to have. 

What debates that you don’t want to have, what conversations you don’t want to be drawn into, what subject you don’t want to discuss. I’m not saying that you ignore them, but they may not be relevant to you at the moment. 

That’s number one and then tune out, literally choose not to listen to certain channels, or read certain posts or follow Facebook groups, or you can mute WhatsApp groups. 

Learn to tune out, take notifications off your phone so you aren’t constantly reminded of things. 

I’ve learned to do this, develop an approach where things hit you orderly. 

Things are coming through you’re hearing through your different senses visual and hearing, just choose to ignore them and as simple as that may sound, I’ve learnt to do it over the years. I think when you have a strong set of values and beliefs and it’s not about being egotistical or having a moral high ground. 

I think it’s important to have high moral standards, but I’m not talking about I’m better than you, it’s just more a case of this is what I believe and I choose not to listen to, engage with and take part in those conversations. 

On a day-to-day basis for example, you’ve got kids, but then you get a phone call or a message on the phone and before you know it you are drawn into what could be and some kind of conflict style conversation on WhatsApp and it stirs up your emotions, and it happens to all of us. 

So you start responding, it’s like a vortex if you’re pulled into that and 10, 20 minutes have gone and your kids are still waiting to talk to you, play with you, to go out do something with you. So again, therefore I believe beliefs and values are so important, what comes first? 

Do you value family time and having that really special moment with them and being present versus I’ve got to get this done and I’ve got to respond to this. Why do you have to respond to that? 

You’ve decided it’s not relevant just don’t listen to it, tune it out and sometimes that’s easier said than done, but once you develop a habit for it, it starts to change the way the world happens around you. 

People will realise actually he’s not going to engage in this anymore and that’s not negative it’s just that it is not relevant to him at this moment in time and it doesn’t help me to be involved with that conversation it’s distracting. 

Every conversation you are drawn into everything that you are allowed to bombard you emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, there’s only so much you can take vibrationally it will create stress in your body. If you can simplify detox and filter, then tuning out will stop the unconscious dialogue that happens to all of us, myself included. 

Number three is consider whether you want to even re-enter into and consider who you want to have around you and consider what conversations you are choosing to have. The point is I’m hearing the same bloody conversations over and over and over again and people get some sense of connection, gratification from having this conversation, but they’re not serving us. 

I asked myself the question, do I even want to have that conversation? 

Do I need to get drawn into it and if you consider it really carefully the consideration is, if I get drawn into it how much time is it going to take? 

What’s it going to distract me from? 

You decided where you want to be over here so anything that distracts you from that 

just chop it off, ignore it. If you said to people I’ve made a decision to tune out those conversations as it’s taking up so much of my time. 

I bet you if you said that to your friends, half of them at least, would say that’s so true. I’ve been feeling exactly the same way. I am really glad you said that as I’m going to do the same thing. 

Finally number four is focus and that’s just about refocusing as quickly as possible things that are important to you. 

I find that tuning out from the negative and staying focused on what I want to achieve actually makes it more productive for me because that is the most important thing. Become really tunnel vision. 

When you focus quite often the senses anyway naturally tune out the other stuff that is not relevant, so focus is the final part of the process.

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