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Quitting isn’t an option when you’re passionate about a project

Morning folks, it’s Dr Ro. I have popped across to our local organic farm shop where I have to say they do the best coffee in West Sussex. 

In fact, probably the best coffee in the United Kingdom. I’m biased, but genuinely there’s a little bloke there who does some credible stuff and I love it. It’s my treat for the morning. 

My kids are camping as I’ve been in the garden and I wanted to talk to you about a subject which has come up a few times this week. 

I feel compelled and passionate to talk about it. 

If you haven’t had a chance to watch our Seekardo podcast please take the time to watch that interview. That is with the wonderful Sarah Dunning and already I’ve had feedback from several people. In there Sarah talked about when she was building her business and she is a specialist in network marketing 12 years in the same business. 

I said before one of the most successful people I believe in the world in what she does. 

She talked about the fact in her first year she did 154 presentations. She had low self-esteem she really just believed that it would work for her, and she had the right people around her, but she just hadn’t grown into that space yet. She hadn’t evolved in a way that her message hit the right people in the right way. 154 presentations not a single person was interested. 

Now I’ve been in the speaking industry for a long time and a lot of people don’t know this but I actually got into speaking through two pathways. One was in my late teens I got the opportunity to go speak at a college. I was reading personal development even then, 18, 19 years of age. 

What I did was I went to talk to them about attitudes and beliefs. It was simple all I knew at the time and I was reading personal books. I think that sprung off from my father passing away at such a young age, I started to look for something. 

There was part of my soul that was yearning for a different level of growth, and I do believe that we follow a path that the universe puts things in front of us to test us, but to give us an opportunity to grow as well.

For me that was that point event though I was very, very young in my teens. I got out in front of these young groups and I fumbled. 

To give you some context when I was at school if I was asked to stand up in front of an audience and read and I’m in the class and read from a book like an English class I used to stutter. I couldn’t get my words; I’d get very nervous. Thinking about what I do now people are like you were born to do this. 

Yes, you might have a certain level of skill and passion, but it is a skill that can be honed. But there’s more than just the skill of communicating and talking in any business, anything you do there are certain things you have to follow. 

I started to get a passion for this and I continue to do it. I got into a network marketing business even back then in the 80s and I went in front of groups. 

The amount rejection that you get in that environment is unbelievable, but it honed my skills and I just didn’t give up because I wanted the success of that business or the ability to communicate a message to people and at the same time deliver a message out to people in a different way. 

The point of my videos is really to say over the years as a professional speaker, the amount rejection I’ve taken is unreal. The amount of challenges you face when you put yourself out in the public space it’s going to can happen. 

Wayne Dyer said in front of 1,000 people and if you talk to those 1,000 people you can’t expect every one of them to like you. You can’t expect every one of them will relate to you. You can’t expect everyone’s going to agree with your opinion, view your beliefs, the message you’re sharing with them. 

That was a massive wake-up call for me. When I got that message from him it gave me permission as an individual, a human being to just persist relentlessly at what I was doing and know that if I trusted in what I was doing, and that’s not just being a speaker, but I think generally in business. 

If you’ve got a product or service or business your building and you really love that business you love what you do, you love the service you’re offering, you love the fact that it’s going to change your life, your family’s life. It’s going to add value to some other human being who gives a shit if somebody comes along and spits in your face, tries to trip you up, doesn’t like your brand or feels that you’re a challenge to their brand. 

It doesn’t matter because what you’re doing is something that is born from a pure space, from a place of intention, is born from a place of absolute conviction and beliefs about what you want do you. Who you want to be, who you want help and when you have that belief when you have that level of commitment everything else in the universe will move and align accordingly to allow you to pass through it, but it won’t be easy. 

Nature finds a way of coming back in a different form so that is how life is. 

When you go out and you create something a lot of people go great I can sit back. Actually that is not the case, and if anyone ever tells you can build a property business and do absolutely fuck all now, that is not true. 

The reality is any business that you build anything that you do, once you lay the foundations and lay the slabs and you start to build stuff will come through the ground and it’s your goal as a human being to manage that. Can I turn this into an area where some of these plants can continue to grow. 

We’re not here to take over the world and to stop other people coming into our space and eradicate any other business that might be in competition with us. Or another speaker or cut people out of our lives who have a different opinion to us I don’t agree with that. I think what we have to do is we have to accept everybody has a different view. 

We have to stick with our view, and the world is made up of people who are different. That’s why you have different colours. Imagine if all these flowers were all yellow it’d be boring.

Something came up yesterday and I won’t go into the detail of it because we may have a bit of a legal wrestling match over something but that’s the nature of things. 

Two came up in my business yesterday on the property site, something else came up one of our brands. If you want an easy fucking life. If you don’t want to stand out and you just want to wake up in the morning set you alarm, go to work comeback at the end of the day stick Netflix on, get absorbed by somebody else’s life. 

Not live a life then stay in a job doing what you’re doing and it is not being disrespectful without any aspirations and it’s not to say that is not aspirational, but most people in that life space are usually functioning to pay their bills to exist, to be able to go on holiday and that’s it. Even though they might want more they’ll often complain that they can’t do that and it is not true. 

But if you want to do something that is life changing, that’s going to impact the world in such a way that when you leave you’ve left little footprints that people won’t forget. Your children are inspired by you, a book that you’ve written, or an audio that you recorded or contribution towards a charity or something like that then accept that part of that is going to be rejection. 

Accept that part of that is people not necessarily agreeing  with you. Accept that part of that is going to be that you have your ego kicked, you’ll be questioned about your conviction and if you stand strong here I am at 54, 55 years of age. One thing I feel proud of is that I have on occasions walked away from a massive opportunities and the reason was because financially it was a great opportunity, but one it conflicted my core values with being able to spend time with my family. 

Other times being offered huge chunks of money to set up a competitive business years ago, I did lots of stuff with Rich dad and legacy, et cetera and a few really powerful educational companies.

People approach me and say we’ll pay you to do this. I said no, and this is going back 10, 12 years now because I was very loyal and I think you have to choose who you’re loyal to, who you have enough conviction to work with, but equally in your own business stand by the people you work with as well. Stand by your product and your service and defend it until the end if you believe in it and your family as well.

I’m going to sign off.

Anybody you think needs a bit of a motivation and you can send them this video. Make sure it aligns with your values, check in with the people you’re working with.

Make sure that their values are aligned with your values don’t pursue it because of money pursue because of your true purpose and your passion and the money will flow behind that. 

The minute you pursue something because you think it’s going to make you lots of money even if you’ve got a niggling feeling that people you work with aren’t quite aligned with you, but I’ll make some money out of this that’s when you’re going in the wrong direction.

Come from a place of purity and then have enough conviction to see through.

Take care.

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