The area of communication you can start improving on is:


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Well done for completing what is a comprehensive one of a kind communication evaluation test.

And congratulations. By completing this test you have shown a desire to discover and master communication.

When I teach ‘Communicating With Impact™’ to live audiences, I often describe communication as the ‘new currency’.

The very fact that you are here on this page now, means you are building upon your communication currency. By firstly starting with one area of communication you can improve today. Then next, working on other areas of communication you improve in turn.

By the way, mastering communication is no small win. The results of this are massive. I personally have worked on this skill over the last 30 years plus and as a result, have been able to generate millions in revenue, speak to audiences globally and help others do the same.

Before I explain your result in more detail, please take a moment to watch my welcome video, if not done already.

Ok, let’s dive into your result further.

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The result of your communication evaluation test has shown that the area you need to improve on is:


This is probably the most important starting point for anybody looking to engage in communication at a professional level in any area of business. Actually, to be quite honest, even if you are arranging to have a talk with a friend or possibly overcoming a challenge with a close, loved one, taking the time to prepare before you actually engage in communication can make a massive difference to the outcome that you are looking to achieve.

Please do not overlook this area - sadly most people do, then don’t realise why their interaction with someone did not go the way they had hoped. On a more professional level, the people I work with who are wanting to improve their communication skills or go on to become speakers tend to overlook this aspect. The tendency is to want to get on and deliver the message and the content. Unfortunately, if you have not done your preparation correctly then the message and content can come out the wrong way, not create impact and actually be more disruptive than beneficial.

So what can you do in order to improve this area of your communication immediately?

Preparation does not have to take hours, although, if you are preparing to give a long speech or develop a seminar it moves from hours to days of preparation.

For example, when I host a ‘Communicating With Impact™’ live event, it takes me weeks to prepare. It might be that you're going into a meeting to speak to somebody for 15 minutes. From my experience, one or two hours worth of preparation is needed for every 15 minutes, to really get the maximum impact from that meeting.

What can you do to master this area and your communication as a whole?

Now improving one area is different from total communication mastery. This is because I refer to this area of communication as a ‘component’. This component is then made up of additional ‘sub-components’.

You can see this clearly in the following diagram:

As you can see from the diagram, your result is just one component out of 38 components. This diagram is the complete system - which I refer to on live events as ‘Dr Ro’s Total Communication Mastery System™’.

I know what you are thinking, Woah! I just thought communication was about talking confidently in front of people.

This is what most people think. And this is because communication is fundamentally not taught. Not taught in schools, not taught in companies and not taught as a complete system like this anywhere.

For example, to truly master preparation. You will need to learn, practice and regularly implement the following sub-components:


Make a note of these, as you will then know what to next focus on after you have improved on preparation.

When you commit to improving your communication, what can you expect to happen?

Remember I said, this skill is not taught - certainly not to the level it deserves. Think about it, we are taught to read, write and speak. This is very different from being taught how to communicate with impact.

What does communicating with impact mean? Let’s take preparation for example. Have you ever been in the scenario where you have tried to sell your product/service, give a talk, a meeting or a family gathering and you feel unprepared?

Maybe you forgot to print out that important document.
Maybe you forgot to update the latest company figures for a presentation.
Maybe you prepared for the meeting on the busy train.
Maybe you turned up to the family gathering late and bought flowers from the petrol station en route.
Maybe you turned up to your parent-child day and didn’t get around to writing that poem you promised.

Now imagine if you were prepared. Imagine you knew how to prepare effectively. You understood how to use the sub-components - outcome, message, timing and practice.

How would these common scenarios now feel? How would they play out in your business, job, family life, relationship?

What impact would this have on your finances, dating life, child-parent relationship and career progression?

This is what it means to Communicate With Impact.

To be so prepared and have so many communication tools in your toolbox - that you blow people away, you wow them, you leave an amazing impression. You become unforgettable.

Hopefully, by now you can see, by not only mastering preparation but by working on communication as a total package, you will see an increase in how many customers you attract, how easily you get a job promotion, how you get a greater connection with your kids, how your relationships and dating life improves, how you increase finances, improve negotiations and more. In reality, communication is so foundational that you will see improvements everywhere.

Regardless of whether you want to improve your relationship, career, business, parent-child bond, public speaking, networking marketing business or more, mastering communication is where to focus your time and energy on now.

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