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…be a better business partner, parent, friend, spouse
…speak and communicate with power and impact
…get closer to the holy grail of life balance
…start working towards your purpose
…work through exercises to establish who you are as a person
…overcome blocks and fears
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You have the opportunity to get access to a VAULT full of tools, techniques and knowledge which you can use to grow as a person! For just £1, you get access to years and years’ worth of videos and audios on…

  • How to transition in your career
  • How to enhance your health (the 80/20 of health optimisation)
  • How to increase your wealth
  • Mastering communication with yourself and others (public speaking is included in this)
  • Money management & money mastery
  • Creating and keeping powerful relationships (parents, spouses,
    business partners all covered)
  • Becoming a productivity master with the ‘Time
  • Management’ series
  • Identifying if there is such a thing as life balance and how to get it in your life
  • Finding your true purpose
  • Answering the most powerful question, who are you?
  • Overcoming blocks and fears
  • Where you are now and where would you like to be
  • Building your network marketing business from scratch
  • Property investment strategies to get you started
  • How to enter a deep work state and increase the quality of your work with ‘Creating Flow’
  • How to achieve financial freedom
  • Powerful tips on business startups
  • Gaining confidence & clarity
  • Re-engineering your future by designing it today
  • How to attract the right people into your life – the law of attraction in practice
  • Becoming a money magnet by using a financial toolkit

By the way, all of these courses are their own, standalone, COMPLETE VIDEO AND AUDIO SERIES.

That’s HOURS & HOURS’ worth of compressed knowledge, downloaded from me to you. And you can get access to ALL OF THIS for JUST £1. I did tell you this was a crazy, no brainer offer!

These videos have helped thousands of people change the direction of their lives and go on to create large wealth, enhanced relationships and be a healthier, more vibrant person. Of course you would grab this opportunity! It’s a total no brainder, so start working on becoming the best version of you today…for £1!

Important: this offer is likely to expire!

You get it ALL for 30 days - for just £1


Access to ‘Dr Ro’s 23 Steps for Success’

£ 1/m + VAT

(30 Days Trial Offer.)

I may be crazy, but I am not stupid…

As you can see, this doesn’t make great business sense, to give away ALL the VAULT and give you access to our amazing
members for just £1. My sincere hope is that you’ll love what you see and choose to stay. If you do, GREAT! If not, that’s ok
too. Just cancel before the 30 days are up, and you’ll never be charged. (FULL DISCLOSURE: we will send you an email before
the 30 days reminding you to cancel, just in case you forget). But if you do love it (and I think you will) you’ll automatically be
renewed at our premium member rate of just £27/m + vat. A small sum…

…especially when compared to the information you will have at your fingertips, the community of like minded people, a chance
to be coached by me 1-2-1 and access to my team of experts. I am shooting myself in the foot here. But we only want people
who are right for Seekardo to be a part of Seekardo. Those who take personal development seriously, can lift others
when they are down, cheer others on when they win and keep the confidentiality of the group in tact. So i’ll make you a deal.
Even if Seekardo is not for you in 12 months’ time. That’s ok. I will personally insist you bow out and look for the
community and tools that are right for you. Again, that’s how confident I am in what you are about to get access to.

So click to get involved for just £1 and start to benefit immediately.

See what others say about Dr Ro’s 23 Steps for Success

Amazingly supportive and safe
community to share and grow with like-minded people, plus access to the inspirational speaker that is Dr Ro. Love it.


The daily activity, constant feedback, prompt responses and how-to examples are truly inspiring and keep me motivated when I’m flagging. Thank you so much.


Safe, supportive and kind platform to trial your messages and grow your online presence. Sooo much support! Honest feedback, kindly given, to help you improve how
your authentic self is seen


I have been member of various networking groups and personal/ business development groups in
the past, but I feel that Seekardo is what my mind and soul has been searching for. Likeminded people who are nonjudgemental and happy for each other’s growth. Also, in the Vault
there are such useful learnings available. About money management, time management and lots of help with other business/ personal skills.
Meanwhile we are constantly
getting help from Dr Ro and his team to help us with our communication skills. I love being part of it.


A passionate and supportive
community who invest their time and insight to help each member grow as authentic and impactful speakers. Feel really blessed to be
a part of it.


Seekardo has been really helpful for tips and advice in communication. One of the biggest advantages for me was when I did a presentation, I uploaded it to the tribe to get feedback and also review what I could do better next time. Not only that if I have an important meeting or presentation,
Seekardo is the place I would use to help prepare and get tips.
Great environment where you can be open and share anything. Also, fantastic content from everyone as
we’re learning from each other.


Seekardo is a community where we learn from each other, share with each other, give each other our honest feedback. This helps us all grow together. It is just
an amazing friendly close-knit
group looking to support one
another in a selfless way!


Authentic, honest, safe space for us to practice our communication skills and get quality feedback to bring us to the next level.


The safety net of all safety nets! Feel very comfortable with posting and commenting on
here. Great feedback which I
take on board to help me move
forward with my journey.


A great place to receive open and honest feedback without judgement.


Seekardo has been immensely helpful to me for various reasons:

1) It’s a safe place to practice our communication and growth with like-minded individuals. No
judgement and we are all here to learn from each other.

2) It’s content rich and all the educational material in the vault is very useful and applicable to various facets of life and business.

3) It’s an accountability group that allows people to put into action what they learn and develop. Getting encouragement and
feedback from Dr Ro, Harms, Dom, Geena and others has proven to be
valuable into getting people to take action and adjust/change/adapt
their techniques and learning.

If you are somebody who needs to learn to better use social media, improve the way they communicate and achieve impace and needs continuous help and
support from a safe environment… then Seekardo is for you!


Great platform for sharing,
engaging with like-minded goal
setters, togetherness with
informative and influential
energetic people!!! Guaranteed!!!


Seekardo is a phenomenal group and allows you to “unleash the vocal power within you” to communicate your message to a safe, supporting, motivating, nonjudgemental family of likeminded, inspiring people. Thank you – truly blessed to be a part of this family.


This goes without saying, but this £1 offer won’t be available for long

You get it ALL for 30 days - for just £1


Access to ‘Dr Ro’s 23 Steps for Success’

£ 1/m + VAT

(30 Days Trial Offer.)