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Struggling to get your message across?

Hey folks, I hope you are all well and having a great day. 

I just wanted to share with you that we’ve had some amazing feedback over the last few days from the CWI event and I thought I would take a few insights from that and it may be useful for you. 

If you’re currently running a business right now, or have a product or service, or a message specifically and you want to get out to the Internet into social media space through conventional marketing, guerrilla marketing whatever it is you do in business. 

One of the really big insights that came from the weekend as we had such a mix of people, people in their early 20s right through to people in their 60s, all different backgrounds it was phenomenal. 

In the process of talking to people and intervening, we had coaches jumping in to help people out.

One of the things that came back was getting that clarity on how you articulate what you say out into the space which would be your client space and I think a lot of people are grappling with that even now. The more confused you are about your message and your outcome, the harder it is for people to understand what you are selling or promoting because you haven’t got that message clear yourself. 

This is a common, common, common, issue and I’ve dealt with this for many years working one-to-one with people also working with organisations. I’m going to share three things with you. 

The first thing is, what is the outcome that you want from this interaction with whoever you’re interacting with? Are you talking into a camera like this to a group of thousands of people? Are you doing it in front of a board meeting with the company? Are you having a conversation with your employees? Are you trying to articulate something through a book written word? 

There are several ways you could be doing this, but the reality is, whatever it is you’re doing, you need to know what the outcome is. If you don’t know what the outcome is they’re not going to understand your outcome, and the more you go into this with a confused head, the less likely they are to be able to see the wood from the trees because you’re overcrowding the conversation with lots of things to do with various outcome, that’s really important. 

Where are you really trying to take your listener, the viewer, the client, customer? 

The second one is what’s the next action that you want that person or those people to take? Do you want them to buy something? Do you want them to shake your hand? Do you want them to refer somebody to you? Do you want them to go and read literature, part with money whatever it is for you, your outcome and that next action have to be working in synchronicity? If they’re doing two different things, i.e. you send them there but the outcomes over here it’s not going to work. 

You’ve got to marry those two together and the third thing is how do you get them there. What do you need to say to somebody that gets them to that point? Because you’re going in with a head full of information and it’s like you want to do this and do that and you’ve had so much dialogue in the process that they’ve got confused and they just don’t understand. 

We went through a really meticulous process and the audience was constantly dropped in and out of exercises throughout the weekend or I was coaching or giving demonstrations of any scenario and I’ll show you how you piece it together. 

I think that the power of the experience for people is that they could see it doesn’t really matter what the situation was, I said randomly pick something for me and I’ll show you how we do these three things. 

Anyone can do it and it’s a powerful process, so really go away from this video and ask the question next time I’m going out and I’m feeling confused. What was the outcome? 

What’s the outcome I want for me, but where do I want the listener, the person interacting me where do I want to get to and then finally how do I get them there? 

What are the key things I need to say to steer them to that place and everything else comes superfluous, that alone that four-minute tip that is a game changer. 

Now granted, typically you need to deep dive that. Have a great day.

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