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The power of a thought

We’re going into 2022, we’re in December right now and for whatever reason your life has had ups and down this year. 

I think 2021 has been stickier for most people than they planned. 

Maybe it hasn’t got quite where they want to get to, lots of restrictions are still around us. Now getting towards the end of 2021 this year’s gone quick. 

I just finished a live event with an amazing audience and I was just reflecting on the fact that I love to make decisions. 

This group of people actually made the decision to go and make 2022, a new change for them and I want to bring it back to a fundamental philosophy of success and that is every single thought you have ultimately manifests in a reality of some shape or form. 

So what you place your focus on, every thought you create by default creates a reaction internally an emotional reaction and that reaction drives you towards a certain direction. 

We get what we focus on. 

I carry these around me when I’m doing my events, these tuning forks because the minute I place a thought in my mind it has a resonant frequency and the whole universe, we are all made up of these vibrational energy atoms that vibrate at a certain frequency. 

That’s why two things can harmonise if they’re in alignment with each other, if they’re totally tuned into each other. 

So when you place a thought out into the universe if that thought is even slightly tainted, if that thought is even slightly blurred or it’s slightly discoloured by negativity or doubt or anything like that, that literally creates a different frequency. You have to get close and close and close and even closer to the purity of what you want. You can’t even say to yourself what I want is to avoid this, because now your focus becomes placed on what you want to avoid. 

So the true success path for you has to be every single thought you have is focused on the thing you want to attract has to be focused purely on the thing that you want to attract. You have to visualise it in a very clear way, you have to see the tangibility of it. The material aspects of it. How does it look, feel, sound? 

Place that image so clearly in front of you and you don’t have to always be thinking obsessively so that it distracts you from being present with other people. You carry this quiet belief inside you that this thing will happen for you and it’s incredible. 

All success stories manifest from an individual thought from somebody coming up with an idea, something they wanted and it also became quite an obsession, but they stored it there and everywhere they went they thought about it, every action they took they thought about. 

I found this with all the journeys I’ve gone over the years, I’ve realised things I found that have not gone as well, is because I allowed my thoughts to be discoloured, filtered, dialled down. Not as powerful, I allowed distraction or thoughts to come in, but when you are single-mindedly focused on something you absolutely want the world starts to readjust around you. 

People that are in your present start to fall into place. The ones that should be there and the ones that shouldn’t be there, simply because of this, when something doesn’t harmonise with you it can’t hang around you, it disappears. 

If it’s a healthy life you want to focus intently and intensely on how you want to show up, how you want your physiology to be, the food to be in your body. How do you want the food to feel when it goes into your stomach and into your blood into your veins, your energy, your mind? 

You attract the thing you put out, so you have to become the thing that you want to attract. 

The one thing that you have over anyone else around you is you can control every single thought. The time you allow doubt, all the time you focus on the thing that you want to avoid ironically, you’re attracting that very thing into your life.

When you wake up on January the first of 2022 the only person that can define how those years are going to be for you is you. 

It doesn’t matter what happens with Covid, the government announcement, the economy and your job and all the people around you. It’s how you react to those circumstances and to avoid becoming a victim of circumstances we have to take full responsibility for everything. 

That means every thought, every feeling, every emotion, and that doesn’t mean that there is not going to be stuff that comes up, you have to be responsible for the great things and the tough things. 

It won’t be perfect. 

I know for a fact it will be tough times next year for me with my belief about this, but I accept that’s who I am as a human being and when I get pissed off or angry or frustrated, I reverse back out and think why am I feeling these thoughts? Maybe there’s something I need to work on. 

Or I just simply snap out of it, shift my focus and say that’s not serving me and go in a different direction. It doesn’t mean I’m avoiding things, it’s just at that moment what serves me best? 

If I can keep living in the space and be open to it there’s always another level to get to and hopefully you take that message from this. 

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