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The recipe to having an amazing day

Hey folks, it’s Dr Ro. I just wanted to say I want to encourage you to make today an amazing day. 

I want to say to you it’s a beautiful day out there. It’s sunny when I’m filming and if it’s raining where you are it’s still a beautiful day because you woke up, you breathe in and you’re alive. 

You have your heart and soul; your spirit and you have the world around you. If where you are is freezing it’s snowing and you’re watching this so what? You’re still alive. I just wanted to say make today an amazing day. I’ve got a whole bunch of people watching me day. 

I’m literally stood in front of a green screen with a bunch of lights and cameras and you know when you’re looking straight into a lens for, eight, nine, 10 hours, it can get to you because you’re not engaging with people, but you can make a decision in any situation to enjoy the moment.

I think that’s the message I want to get across to you. There are three things that I thought I’d encourage you to think about and to focus on and do to make today an amazing day. It is purpose, attitude, and music. 

For many years I did coaching with someone about five, six, seven, eight years ago and this person was going through challenges where they were waking up every day feeling really heavy. I said are you giving yourself a purpose on a daily basis and she was like no, I’m just focusing on trying to find out how to get that purpose. I said forget the big picture, give the day a purpose. 

Just wake up that day and say right today is about this. Today is about giving my kids the most amazing experience or today is about in this case educating, inspiring, and helping a group of people go on to become successful and financially secure in the property business. 

That’s how I started my day today.

I’ve got my laptop, equipment around me, I’ve got the hot drink for the morning. I’ve got my Apple, I’ve got my reminder that sometimes there’s negative people out there who are a little bit negative and I’ve got to remind the audience about that and that’s okay, because that’s their frigging opinion. They could have an opinion but they can’t have an influence on your life if you choose not to let them. 

Here’s my point, give that day a purpose. 

What are you going to do today? 

What about breaking out of the emotional shackles of the people around and saying I’m free and let it go. I think sometimes what we do is we hold onto shit, we hold onto stuff for long and we get pissed off. I know friends that have lost money, I’ve been screwed over for a lot of money on different occasions and you can hang onto that.

I remember we lost 40 K in 2003, 2004 from a company that screwed us over. We went to a liquidators meeting and I sat in a meeting with at the time my business partner we looked around and we’d lost a quarter of a million pounds. I said we’re not getting this money back and we sat in a dark hole and arguing. 

Let’s just move on and expand and grow through our pain and expand out of this difficult place, rather than get swamped in it and that’s a philosophy that a lot of people forget. 

Richard Branson talked about expanding out of difficult times so give today a purpose. You look up at the sky. Look around you, pick something, if you’re in a dark place I spoke to a lovely lady now she’s gone through a divorce and was lost in the moment of who she was and she’s got kids. She said I’ve been writing and really trying to find that sense of purpose. 

I said sometimes you’ve got to go back inside look at your core values and make a simple decision. Make a decision today, what is today about? It could just be as simple as looking after your health, nurturing your body, nurturing your kids, writing something, inspiring somebody whatever is just one thing. 

That’s the first and second thing is having the attitude of nothing is going to piss me off today. I don’t care what you throw at me, I’m going to duck it and break free of those emotions that held me back in the past. 

A lot of people forget that. It’s tricky sometimes when there’s a lot of stuff going around you because you can revert back to core behavioural patterns and that comes down to your core beliefs, core value system and also the emotional reaction that you’ve programmed yourself to have in any situation. Some people get angry, frustrated and push back. 

For example, I’m talking to people about education and strategies, and I know at some point when I go through different courses, through prices there will be some people that go okay, I really want to do this. They’ve got the attitude of aspiration they want to learn other people are like how much is that? 

Because they’ve never invested in themselves are afraid to do that other people will be quizzical and think it’s interesting and would be amazing if we did that we could learn to do this. We all react to different situations based on our patterns from the past. I have the attitude that I don’t care what comes today. I am going to have an amazing day. 

If you have a difficult time with a flat tyre, kids arguing, your partners getting stressed. Just find a way to navigate through and keep that sense of purpose there and going this is what today is about, today is about enjoying and living this experience and no matter what happens I’m choosing to have that experience. 

That’s number two. 

Number three is put some awesome music on, you know what I’m talking about. But the best freedom breaking music on. I was in the car and popped to a café nearby so I got into the car, my daughter and my fiancé went three hours to go to a Danish shop in the Midlands somewhere. 

I get in the car and all the music they’ve been playing; I see Maroon 5 and memories. I say this is a wicked tune, so I press it. the tune just got to me. I kept playing it. I sent out a message to a really dear friend of mine I’ve known since I was 20 I said, I love you man. 

Haven’t seen you for ages having great memories right now whilst I’m listening to this tune. Sometimes you just need a tune to pick you up. I’m a fan of Fleetwood Mac, whatever it is for you, put something on that picks you up and just keep playing it throughout the day. That is motivation, inspires you. 

Everybody has different levels of inspiration and it just brings them up. 

I have a certain tune to get lucky. Everyone has a tune if you revert to that tune it just picks you up. You pump it in the morning, you give that day a purpose, attitude that nothing is going to stop me and you make it happen. 

The three things. Break the shackles. 

Sometimes the shackles we think someone else has put them on us but actually it’s us that has put them on ourselves. 

We’ve allowed the world to wrap our arms and body and emotions, we’ve just gone to bust out. Have an amazing day. Nothing is going to stop me today. 

Have an incredible day everybody. Hopefully, this in some way inspired me and I will see you on my next live. 

Dr Ro breaking out now. 

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