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Time to review and break loose!

Today I want to talk about really the feeling that we get when we get to the end of the summer and those of you who have got kids, you might have had a break. 

Either way there’s always that strange feeling coming back after the period when people kind of dust themselves down a little bit and try and get the momentum. 

I’ll give you some really quick wins here on what to do to recreate acceleration and momentum. 

As we start the year with a real drive. Last year was a very tough year for many people and I think a lot of things were thrown upon us, the rules were changing et cetera and I think a lot of aspirations got squashed or put on hold. 

I’ve noticed a really interesting change that happened about March, April this year things really slowed down. 

A lot of fear, a lot of people’s dreams being crushed, shrinking their dreams down, a lot of listening to what other people are doing around them, listening to the media and being governed by or dominated by the news and what they should or shouldn’t do. I think that’s all bullshit. 

I think it’s time to really stand up and really take control of your financial future your emotional future, health, relationships and say fuck it I want to do something different. I don’t want to be left in this state of mind, I’ve been in for so many months now. 

Number one starts with a blank page. It always works, no matter how much noise is going on around us in our lives. It works if I’m working one-to-one personally mentoring or coaching somebody in this area.

I literally sit them down and say on a blank piece of paper I want you to write down what your aspirations were this year, maybe in the beginning of last year. 

What’s one or two things you really wanted to experience to achieve, to do, to have, to change? What are they? Just dump it all down on paper because often when we go through a period of quietness when things stop moving forward, when we have a break, we will literally lose momentum. 

We will come back into our office, we will come back into our lives and go where was I? You may have disconnected from something that you wanted before you even didn’t have the same desire you had before, and that’s generally true for most people. 

Step two is write down all the dreams and aspirations that you’ve been thinking about or been wanting to do.

I say dreams in a broad sense. It could be monetary dreams, spiritual dreams, relationship dreams, health dreams anything just put them down on paper. If you can categorise them that really helps. The next thing is to go down that list and ask yourself do I really still want this? 

This is absolutely vital because we’re at that weird period in the year where you want to get back and get your flow going, but at the same time we’ve only got a few months left of the year. 

There’s not as much you can get in this time period as you might hoped to but equal if you set your aspirations too much and too big between now and the end of the year and you don’t achieve them that might put you off going into next year. 

This is that classic looking and saying right now for this year what do I still want to achieve versus I’m not so worried about that and you park into next year. The last thing is there anything you need to drop? Some of it you might need to completely drop some you might want to just park it for a later date. 

There may be things on the list that you’re not interested in anymore, aspirations changed so you park those things. 

Finally, having done that exercise, ask yourself what do I do first?

For each of those areas what is the first step? I’m not suggesting you try and build the whole plan right now, this is just a quick exercise but what would be one step you could do to start to get the momentum going? 

The typical experience I’ve had, and I found with working people is that when they start the first thing, it stimulates a response. You put something out into the universe and do something. It creates a result that could be positive or negative but then it leads to something new and steps start to form. 

You need a plan of course to guide you through it, but by doing something you create momentum.

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