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What are your two strongest values?

Hey good morning everybody it’s Dr Ro.

What a beautiful day you can see the sunlight out there, it is beautiful. This is today’s ingredients on the recipe for success.

And remember there are five ingredients as part of the recipe that make up this amazing experience that we call life.

Mind, body, self, relationships and money, I’ve been talking about this for some years now, and today’s ingredients are focused on self.

Now self is about you as a person as an individual, about how you are internally whereas when we talk about mind, body, self, relationships and money.

The mind element is more about how you show up in a conscious way in the world, self is more about an internal reflection. 

It’s looking at your values, your beliefs, your core identity, your purpose.

So today is about values looking at self and values and today’s ingredient is and a really great exercise to do with your children by the way.

We recently two, three months ago had a Seekardo’s meet up where everybody gets together and one of the subjects that I taught on that particular event was to do values and the importance of values.

Value is a feeling.

To simplify, think of it as something you want to feel on a consistent and regular basis. You can value health, you want to feel healthy, you can value integrity you want to operate in a way of integrity.

You can value happiness, which means that you want to be happy, you want to experience happiness, you want to have happiness in your life.

You can value success, which means you want to be successful.

These are things that we hold dearest to us and that’s a simplistic way and a very powerful way of looking at values.

From your perspective a great exercise to do is to look today and write down just two values that you think are great values that you bring to the table. People often say can you expand on that a little bit more.

So for example, it might be that you are somebody who is very kind so you value kindness, that is a great value that you have and being around other people you take the time out on a daily basis to help people, or when you’re around people they love the fact you’re there and you show that act of kindness towards them.

Where somebody else is walking around not showing any respect at all, not leaning down picking up something for them if it’s an elderly person. It’s just built into your nature, so kindness could be something that is already naturally in you. 

Another great value might be that you’re fun. You’re a fun person, you value happiness and joy and fun and you happen to be fun when people are around you, and you’re just fun as a person, so that could be another great value that you have.

We all have a hierarchy of values, how you show up in the world is directly reflected in your core values and the higher you resonate towards the values that are true to you, the more authentic you are as a person.

The further away you move and operate and live on a daily basis away from your core values, the more uncomfortable, the more unhappy you are as a person as well.

This is a really important factor actually, as a human being some people know what they’ll do is they have a set of values that they believe are their values, but unfortunately on a daily basis they don’t live by those values.

They might be in a job which doesn’t align with their values, let’s say one of your highest values is health and you love vibrancy, you love eating healthy, you go home you have a salad and you eat whole food, organic food.

But you’re working for a company that produces processed food, which is laced with sugar and its fast food and you’re doing it because of your salary.

What can happen is people feel uncomfortable in that space because actually, who they are as a person isn’t necessarily aligned with what they are doing in their job.

In other words their values are misaligned with the values of the company they’re working for and that’s a whole conversation separately.

So today is about identifying two amazing values about you and it can be anything. This is a tough one to do by the way because sometimes we don’t want to reflect on ourselves, we think it’s an ego thing.

Do I really want to do that?

But actually you do.

It’s really important to complement yourself, to recognise yourself, to love yourself, to have self-worth and all these things are so important on a day to day basis, and a lot of people I meet who are uncomfortable with themselves often it’s because they don’t see their own values. 

So if you struggle with this today, find someone you care about, someone that you trust, maybe a very close friend, a trusted adviser just ask the question, what would you say are two of my strongest values?

When you see me out and about doing things and I’m with people, what are the characteristics, values that show up in me that you feel are great values?

It’s really nice to hear that from somebody else by the way and it might be worth having the conversation if you’re a parent just telling your children two values that you see in them.

So whether it’s kindness, my youngest daughter Liv the other day she did the lovely gesture towards one of the other children in the class.

I said to her after, Liv , that is beautiful, such a nice act of kindness it’s a lovely value. She felt really good about that.

Sometimes we don’t really appreciate what that value is or we have that value, we just do it as part of who we are. So this is the chance to take a look internally and reflect on that as well.

And by the way, the more conscious you become aware of this, it’s my experience coaching and mentoring people the more aware you become of the values of people around you, and actually your alignment with certain people may get stronger, but also may distance you from other people. 

Simple because you’re realising actually these are my values and they’re not aligned with this person or these people, and that’s why I’m feeling uncomfortable.

This is the beautiful thing about recognition and at the same time awareness they tune you into a higher level of consciousness.

On that note I’m going to sign off.

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