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What’s your grounding routine?

I want to talk about a subject which is really important, and I want to shout out to Nicky, my PA who I spent the day with yesterday. We were out looking at some real estate deals et cetera and she was telling me about her morning routine which involves her grounding.

Most of the time we are in and around EMFs all the time, electromagnetic fields and I’m surrounded by them here. 

My screens are emitting blue light and they are disruptive to us at a cellular level, categorically no question about it. 

It has been shown our bodies react to electromagnetic fields. 

That’s why sometimes you may have found this if you stayed in certain buildings i.e. hotels you get weird heavy feelings so without going into a lot of detail you have positive and negative charges and a lot of the emissions that go out there are positively charged and that doesn’t necessarily help us. 

Because those charges can build up and it may create an electric electromagnetic reaction in our bodies including headaches, fuzziness, lack of clarity. In phones, driving cars, and there are several things you can do. 

One thing I do is use earthing sheets when I travel up and speak at events. I’ll take anything, a sleeping bag, which plugs in its very cleverly designed. It has a silver mesh inside the woven cloth and that carries any positive charge off my body and earthed me and I’ve done tests where I’ve taken an EMF device and it measures volts in the body. It’s very powerful. 

When you wake up in the morning or any time during the day if you’re feeling that feeling and you’re not earthed, then one of the best things you can do is get outside as early as possible, take some fresh air and get your feet bare. 

Try and find some grass and you can do this on concrete and it’s really good if you can do it in running water, walking through a river, for example, amazing. If you said to me what does it feel like when you talk about the between negative and positive charged air? 

Sometimes it feels very dense and heavy and then it rains and what rain does it basically pulls the positive charge and then brings it down back into the ground and discharges the positives.

Or when you’re at a waterfall and you go the air feels so clear, that’s that discharge to create a negative charge into the air. Or walking barefoot on grass particularly slightly moist does exactly that. If you don’t want to walk you can sit barefoot on a bench, have your feet down grounded onto the earth and literally you are allowing your body just to reconnect with the earth. It definitely has an electromagnetic effect in a positive way but more importantly you’re just reconnecting with the Earth, mother earth that we have. 

Try to get near some trees and people laugh about hugging trees but it’s the same effect. You’re basically pulling that positive charge off your body and you’re bringing down this cleansing of the body and it’s powerful. 

How long should you do it for? 

Well I mean, obviously, the longer the better, you just chill out and meditate. 

My experience is generally that you need to do it for at least 5 to 10 minutes just to give that equilibrium space to form in your body and also just gives you time to get out the wide feeling. It has to be a very natural process of just allowing yourself to go into that grounded space. 

Just be present with the earth. Be aware, listen to the sounds if you lie down amazing, even get on your knees and put your hands up. But the most important thing is to get out and do it, it just makes you feel completely grounded, but it will definitely bring you back to the centre and give you some clarity. 

Reconnect with this incredible mother nature. It’s an amazing process anyone of you can experience at any time.

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