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Words of encouragement for the months ahead

Hey folks, it’s Dr Ro good morning to you. I wanted to share a personal message really with you and I know we’ve gone into lockdown two and I don’t get into discussions over that as there are different views at the moment. 

I want to really focus on you and what you can do to turn what might be at the moment a grey situation into more prosperity and greenness on the other side. 

That’s the challenge people are facing at the moment and where they’re placing the focus and that plays a big part in how you show up and feel about this current situation, how you filter the information that comes into you, because there’s so much of it. 

We tend to filter based on what we are feeling, what we’re observing about the world. If the world is feeling shitty then we tent to filter more of the information in to reinforce those beliefs whereas if we have an aspirational part of our psyche that is strongly of the belief that we’re going to come through this in a really amazing way, then you will tend to filter out that stuff and listen to more of that. 

This is where the law of attraction comes in. Many of you might be in a situation where you’re locked lockdown and furloughed in such a way that you are pretty much staying at home. As we go through December what I want to do is help you prepare and plan for that process.

So imagine you’ve got four weeks ahead, but I would suggest thinking eight weeks ahead and start to think about what would be some great weekly goals that you can set for yourself. As opposed to thinking about 2021 right now the whole big picture, we are going to come to that moment. What can you do now? 

What could you do this week on a health basis, what vitamins do you need to be thinking about adding to your body to improve your immune system? What do you need to do on a physical level, workwise, so if you’re working from home what could be some goals you set that don’t allow work to completely control your time? Several things happened during the last lockdown. Some people almost went the opposite way and rejected working from home. 

Others embraced it to the point where it got into their bedrooms, kitchens et cetera it pervaded everything so there was no sense of home space now, work and home blended together. Think about how you want to practically incorporate your work into your week in such a way that you compartmentalise your time and ideally the space in your house, if it is possible to avoid. 

Make the week structured so that it doesn’t become blurred. For a lot of people it can be switched on the TV watching Netflix, getting up late, getting to a habitual way of being which is I’ll take it as a bit of a holiday. Which I do understand actually it’s time to ramp it up into 2021. I don’t really think a good strategy is to get to the end of the year and say this is what we will do next year, and you make all those plans on the 31 December. Sadly, that’s not particularly inspirational because what that does is gets you excited in the moment, whereas if you got excited now you can make some great plans and hit 2021, running with a plan of action. A lot of people set New Year’s resolutions at the moment. 

It’s like an espresso coffee they go boom and 18 days later in January that’s gone, so we have to plan now. I know for a lot of you, you’ve got the kids at home and there’s lots of situations that have changed on a personal level, which is why number two is so important to have family discussions. 

Have a couple’s discussion. If you’re on your own, pick up the phone and talk to a member of your family and let them know what you’re looking to do, have somebody you can discuss with, but have someone to express outwardly what you are planning inwardly that makes you commit to things a lot more.

So often the accountability that comes out of the conversation of a coach, doing something that involves engaging with other people that are close enough to that won’t make a judgement but at the same time will support you. If it’s a family it has to be a plan that involves the family, but also involves open discussions release the pressure and those of you that are parents right now I think the kids need a certain level of honesty, but at the same time they need to be painted a picture that isn’t so dark. 

I’m hearing conversations with young kids that shouldn’t be having these conversations about death and a lot of people are saying that their children and I’m talking to parents, the emotional instability, children are starting to feel uncomfortable. They’re using language they never would’ve used about this and this becomes an emotional scar on our kids. Number three who can you help? 

This is a great way to become inspired and to be inspiring is to think about who during this period, you could help. Is there someone that you knew struggled during the last lockdown? Is there something you said after the last lockdown, we should go and deliver things and help or drop food off or just check in on so and so. Think about who you could reach out to, it doesn’t even have to be a physical activity. 

Just be someone you phone that you know didn’t deal with lockdown very well last time. It could be to do with a charity, an individual. I’m not sure, but I’m just sharing with you when you give beyond yourself and it’s one of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, you will self-actualise. It is giving beyond yourself and growing in such a way that a person’s self-actualisation is not only able to grow emotionally but also they are giving beyond themselves they feel fulfilled. 

When you only focus on your needs, you don’t get the same sense, yes you survive, but it doesn’t have the same thing as when you help the one person you know is vulnerable around you. Look to the future, I don’t just mean next week. Look into 2021 and start asking positive questions: what things can you be doing? What could you build right now? Could you be fitting in some time to write a book, create a product, to inspire somebody, to learn an instrument? What do you want 2021 to look like? 2021 has to have an image of that. 

The past doesn’t equal the future. 

What went on there doesn’t mean the future has to look like that. We have to change the picture in our mind and start to manifest that through certain actions and connections with people and just be persistent in this, be relentless in this on a weekly basis. 

Set yourself a goal of checking in, have we done this? 

Who can I help and create a habit because through persistence habits form and if you do it enough times, these habits become a way of life for you. 

Five things, hopefully it was useful. I’m going to sign out, have an amazing day. 

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