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Words of wisdom from Dr Ro’s journal over 25 years ago!

Hey folks Dr Ro here. 

In the last month or so I found this, which is basically a journal 1994. These are notes I took when I was in my 20’s attending different seminars, sitting in audiences. 

I wanted to share this with you because if you’re watching right now a lot of people take photographs, we digitally record things, I’ve got literally stacks of these.

Some of these are linked to the networking marketing business I was also involved with way back as well just, crazy stuff here.

The most important things I realised how much of this really stuck in those early years when I was growing and expanding and I was also out speaking but whilst speaking I was basically being a sponge and gathering things that struck a chord with me. 

If you look how much I wrote, and these are just pages and pages and pages of writing here. Think of me with hair and a lot younger looking, no beard and in fact, this is when I got my PhD. Literally a young Dr Ro. I’m going to read these out. 

Rise to the responsibility given to you, so this is about leadership. Be honest with yourself if you’re not doing what it takes because it won’t happen if you’re not paying the price.

This was me capturing what I think are important messages for me to test hold onto, bearing in mind this was a tough period writing my PhD and now me looking at expanding and developing a business. Be honest with yourself and decide what you want, do you want to be a player or a substitute? If your dog is dead, it doesn’t matter if it’s on a lead or not. There is no prize big enough for financial freedom and security for you and your family. 

This is me at 26 do the most you can, not the least you can. This is from an inspirational speaker. Are you listening to personal development tapes? Yes, that’s what we used to have in those days. Do you want to be rich or rich?

If someone put three million into your account would you make some things in life? Swap my time for my bosses’ money, this is me even then, realising that if you stay in a job, I was swapping my time for my bosses money. Your company wouldn’t pay you if you weren’t able to do your job. This is your business so start working on your business. 

Who needs a gold watch when you’re 65? Don’t allow negative people to pull you down; it is simply their fears. 

Building a business successfully is brick by brick. Now you’re going to laugh at this, and you may not understand this, but I can tell you how bizarre this is. This is a six of the fifth, 1994 and that handwriting changes I know what has happened here. I was at this event with a very good friend of mine and that handwriting has changed and I know the handwriting it’s not mine. 

It is his handwriting that says brick wall building bricks equal building equals the pattern for success more to equal the system that binds your pattern of success. The bricks are the pattern for success. The mortar is the system that you use in your business to bind it together. Are you willing to learn some skills?

Another reminder to listen to personal development tapes listen to this, you are where you are, because the books you read, and the people you associate with. I wish my hindsight could be my foresight that’s amazing. If someone says no to an opportunity you offer them it’s not because they’re rejecting you, it’s most likely because they don’t understand what you’re offering them, and learn to communicate better. 

What am I doing now? CWI. 

This is to do with angels and approaching people for money in business, relax when you contact people, a smile preceding every word speaks a thousand words. 

This is what you don’t get when you do things digitally these days. Inspire with vision and action. Use your mind and your tongue to help others and to lift yourself, meaning speak what you’re feeling don’t be afraid to do it.

Hopefully that was of some sort inspiration from me with my hair in my 20s.

See you all soon.

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